Available Trains

12561   Swatantra S Exp

Varanasi Jn (00:40)Allahabad Jn (03:25)
12670   Gangakaveri Exp

Varanasi Jn (01:25)Allahabad Jn (04:10)
11034   Dbg Pune Exp

Varanasi City (03:05)Allahabad Jn (07:20)
15004   Chaurichauraexp

Varanasi City (04:20)Allahabad Jn (08:20)
11032   Gyan Ganga Exp

Manduadih (04:35)Allahabad Jn (07:20)
22132   Gyan Ganga Sf

Manduadih (04:35)Allahabad Jn (07:20)
18609   Rnc Ltt Express

Varanasi Jn (08:00)Allahabad Jn (11:50)
12333   Vibhuti Express

Kashi (09:15)Allahabad City (12:00)
18631   Rnc Garibnwaz E

Varanasi Jn (09:45)Allahabad Jn (12:45)
15018   Gkp Ltt Exp

Varanasi City (10:37)Naini (16:48)
11094   Mahanagari Exp

Varanasi Jn (11:20)Allahabad Jn (14:40)
15159   Sarnath Express

Varanasi City (11:52)Naini (15:58)
14005   Lichchavi Exp

Varanasi Jn (15:45)Allahabad Jn (19:10)
11072   Kamayani Expres

Varanasi Jn (15:50)Allahabad Jn (19:20)
12792   Pnbe Sc Exp

Varanasi Jn (17:00)Allahabad Jn (20:20)
21108   Bsb Kurj Link E

Varanasi Jn (17:45)Naini (22:42)
11108   Bundelkhand Exp

Varanasi Jn (17:45)Naini (22:42)
12381   Poorva Express

Varanasi Jn (18:47)Allahabad Jn (21:35)
18202   Ntv Durg Exp

Varanasi Jn (19:00)Allahabad Jn (22:10)
12559   Shiv Ganga Exp

Varanasi Jn (19:15)Allahabad Jn (22:05)
12166   Bsb Ltt Sup Exp

Varanasi Jn (20:20)Allahabad Jn (23:00)
16360   Pnbe Ers Expres

Varanasi Jn (21:15)Allahabad Jn (00:30)
11038   Gkp Pune Expres

Varanasi Jn (21:15)Allahabad Jn (00:30)
11046   Dikshabhumi Exp

Varanasi Jn (21:15)Allahabad Jn (00:30)
14260   Bsb Rmm Express

Varanasi Jn (21:15)Allahabad Jn (00:30)
19570   Bsb Okha Exp

Varanasi Jn (22:00)Allahabad Jn (00:40)
11062   Mfp Ltt Express

Varanasi City (22:58)Naini (03:37)
11066   Dbg Ltt Express

Varanasi City (22:58)Naini (03:37)

More About - Varanasi To Allahabad Trains

Book your train tickets from varanasi to allahabad. Trains that run on this route are Mahanagari Exp, Chaurichauraexp, Bsb Okha Exp, Gyan Ganga Exp, Dbg Ltt Express, Bsb Ltt Sup Exp, Sarnath Express, Bsb Kurj Link E, Ntv Durg Exp, Dbg Pune Exp and etc. There are different starting junctions like Varanasi City, Varanasi Jn, Manduadih. Different trains running from varanasi to allahabad takes time approximately from 6 hrs 11 mins to 2 hours 40 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Pnbe Sc Exp, Gkp Ltt Exp, Kamayani Expres, Lichchavi Exp, Shiv Ganga Exp, Sarnath Express, Mahanagari Exp, Chaurichauraexp, Vibhuti Express, Swatantra S Exp or train that run weekly like Poorva Express, Gangakaveri Exp, Dbg Pune Exp, Ntv Durg Exp, Gkp Pune Expres, Bsb Okha Exp, Rnc Garibnwaz E, Dikshabhumi Exp, Gyan Ganga Sf, Dbg Ltt Express etc. There are different pick up points in varanasi from Varanasi Jn( like Swatantra S Exp, Gangakaveri Exp, Kamayani Expres, Poorva Express, Shiv Ganga Exp, Bsb Okha Exp, Ntv Durg Exp, Mahanagari Exp, Bsb Rmm Express, Rnc Garibnwaz E ), Varanasi City( like Dbg Pune Exp, Sarnath Express, Dbg Ltt Express, Mfp Ltt Express, Chaurichauraexp, Gkp Ltt Exp ), Manduadih( like Gyan Ganga Exp, Gyan Ganga Sf ), Kashi( like Vibhuti Express ).