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As Varanasi is a holy city, the food offered at most of the restaurants here are pure vegetarian. Some of the most popular restaurants are located within the premises of luxury and budget hotels in Varanasi. To get more knowledge on Varanasi budget hotels, availability of rooms and prices, tourists can go through
Radisson Hotel
4.1 km from Varanasi Junction Railway Station, 5.4 km from Vishwanath Temple, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Bar, Poolside barbeque, Swimming poo... more »


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Radisson Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Varanasi Radisson Hotel-Club_Room.jpg, Varanasi Radisson Hotel-Swimming_Pool.jpg, Varanasi Radisson Hotel-Lobby.jpg, Varanasi Radisson Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Varanasi
Hotel Hindusthan International
3.4 km from Kashi Vishwanath Temple, 3.9 km from Banaras Ghats, 2.5 km from Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum, Spa, Multi-cuisine Restaurant Hotel... more »
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Hotel Hindusthan International-premiere club_room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Hindusthan International-Executive Rooms_room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Hindusthan International-colony_room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Hindusthan International-Exterior_View.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Hindusthan International-The_Colony.jpg, Varanasi
Hotel Buddha
1.5 km from Varanasi Junction Railway Station, 5.7 km from Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, 2 km from PDR Mall & Multiplex, Internet, Multi-cui... more »
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Hotel Buddha-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Buddha-Hotel-Buddha-Varanasi-Premium-Room-1.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Buddha-Hotel-Buddha-Varanasi-Super-Deluxe-Lounge.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Buddha-Hotel-Buddha-Varanasi-Super-Deluxe-2.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Buddha-Hotel-Buddha-Varanasi-Super-Deluxe-1.jpg, Varanasi
Hotel Surya
Just a few minutes away from Vishwanath Temple, Hotel Surya has restaurant, conference/banquet facility, Wi-Fi, spa and swimming pool. Hot... more »
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Hotel Surya-Surya-Varanasi-Superior.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Surya-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Surya-Hotel_Surya_Varanasi_Deluxe_1_room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Surya-Hotel_Surya_Varanasi_Premium_2_room.jpg, Varanasi
Hotel Central Residency
Approx 1 km from Varanasi Junction Railway Station, 7.3 km from Ramnagar Fort, In-house restaurant, Wi-Fi internet. Hotel Central Residenc... more »
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Hotel Central Residency-Exterior_View4.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Central Residency-Central_Residency_Standard_Room1_room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Central Residency-Executive_Room_room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Central Residency-Hotel-Central-Residency-Varanasi-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Central Residency-Hotel-Central-Residency-Varanasi-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Varanasi
Hotel Varuna
1.3 km from Kailgarh Market, 2.2 km from Varanasi Junction Railway Station, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Indoor and outdoor event spaces Loca... more »
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Hotel Varuna-famiky 2_room1377693804251.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Varuna-superior_room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Varuna-luxury_room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Varuna-Hotel-Varuna-Varanasi-executive.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Varuna-Hotel-Varuna-Varanasi-studio.jpg, Varanasi
Clarks Varanasi
Situated 4 km from Varanasi Junction, Clarks Varanasi features conference halls, fitness centre, swimming pool and Wi-Fi internet (surcharge... more »


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Clarks Varanasi-Exterior_View.jpg, Varanasi Clarks Varanasi-Clarks-Varanasi-Varanasi-Standard-Executive-Deluxe.jpg, Varanasi Clarks Varanasi-Clarks-Varanasi-Varanasi-Standard-Superior-Room.jpg, Varanasi Clarks Varanasi-Clarks-Varanasi-Varanasi-Suite.jpg, Varanasi Clarks Varanasi-Room_1.jpg, Varanasi
The Taj Gateway Hotel, Ganges
km from Varanasi City Railway Station, 4 km from Maulvi Bagh Park, 5.7 km from Chet Singh Fort, Indian speciality restaurant, Coffee shop-cu... more »


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The Taj Gateway Hotel, Ganges-The-Taj-Gateway-Hotel-Ganges-executive-suite-1-bedroom.jpg, Varanasi The Taj Gateway Hotel-The-Taj-Gateway-Hotel-Standard.jpg, Varanasi The Taj Gateway Hotel-The-Taj-Gateway-Hotel-Executive-Room.jpg, Varanasi The Taj Gateway Hotel-The-Taj-Gateway-Hotel-Standard.jpg, Varanasi The Taj Gateway Hotel-The-Taj-Gateway-Hotel-Deluxe-Suite.jpg, Varanasi
Hotel Atithi Satkaar
4.5 km from Varanasi Junction Railway Station, 850 m from Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, 900 m from Dashashwamedh Ghat, Restaurant, Wi-Fi int... more »
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Hotel Atithi Satkar-Exterior_View.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Atithi Satkaar-Hotel-atithi-stakar-Super-Deluxe-Four-Bed.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Atithi Satkaar-Hotel-atithi-stakar-double-bed.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Atithi Satkaar-Hotel-atithi-stakar-Triple-Bed-Family-Room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Atithi Satkaar-Hotel-atithi-stakar-Super-Deluxe-Four-Bed.jpg, Varanasi
Hotel Zeeras
4 km from Varanasi Junction Railway Station, 5.4 km from Vishwanath Temple, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Spa, Wi-Fi Internet Located near th... more »
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Hotel Zeeras-Exterior_View.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Zeeras-Hotel-Zeeras-Deluxe.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Zeeras-Hotel-Zeeras-Suite-Room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Zeeras-Hotel_Entrance.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Zeeras-Lobby.jpg, Varanasi
Sarin INN - Boutique Hotel
Sarin INN, which is situated within 4 km radius of Vishwanath Temple, provides business halls, internet access and in-room dining service. ... more »
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Sarin INN - Boutique  Hotel-Exterior_View_.jpg, Varanasi Sarin INN - Boutique  Hotel-Hotel-Sarin-Inn-Varanasi-Delight-Room.jpg, Varanasi Sarin INN - Boutique  Hotel-Hotel-Sarin-Inn-Varanasi-Cozy-Room.jpg, Varanasi Sarin INN - Boutique  Hotel-Cozy_Room_1_.jpg, Varanasi Sarin INN - Boutique  Hotel-Cozy_Room_2_.jpg, Varanasi
Rivatas By Ideal
A 10 minutes drive from Varanasi Junction, Rivatas By Ideal offers swimming pool, health club, spa, restaurants and bar. Situated within... more »
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Rivatas By Ideal-Deluxe_Suite.jpg, Varanasi Rivatas By Ideal-Rivatas-by-ideal-Deluxe-Room-3.jpg, Varanasi Rivatas By Ideal-Rivatas-by-ideal-Deluxe-Room-1.jpg, Varanasi Rivatas By Ideal-Rivatas-by-ideal-Deluxe-Room-4.jpg, Varanasi Rivatas By Ideal-Rivatas-by-ideal-Deluxe-Room-2.jpg, Varanasi
Ramada Plaza, JHV
4.4 km from Varanasi Junction Railway Station, 6.1 km Dasaswamedh Ghat, Three restaurants and two bars Ramada Plaza, JHV is one of Varanas... more »


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Hotel Ramada Plaza, JHV-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Varanasi Ramada Plaza, JHV-Hotel-Ramada-Plaza-JHV-Varanasi-Suite.jpg, Varanasi Ramada Plaza, JHV-Hotel-Ramada-Plaza-JHV-Varanasi-Superior-Room.jpg, Varanasi Ramada Plaza, JHV-Hotel-Ramada-Plaza-JHV-Varanasi-Club.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Ramada Plaza, JHV-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Varanasi
Gupta Inn
A 10-minute drive from the Varanasi Railway Station, Gupta Inn is situated in a peaceful & convenient place of Varanasi. The hotel features... more »
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Gupta Inn-Exterior_View.jpg, Varanasi Gupta Inn-Gupta-Inn-Deluxe.jpg, Varanasi Gupta Inn-Deluxe_Room_Or_Twin_Room.jpg, Varanasi Gupta Inn-Superior_Double_Or_Twin_Room.jpg, Varanasi Gupta Inn-Standard_Air_Cool.jpg, Varanasi
Hotel Meraden Grand
1 km from Varanasi Railway Station, 400 m from Varanasi Bus Depot, 3.6 km from Kashi Vishwanath Temple Hotel Meraden Grand offers guests co... more »
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Hotel Meraden Grand-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Meraden Grand-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Meraden Grand-Club_Royal_Room.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Meraden Grand-Entrance_View.jpg, Varanasi Hotel Meraden Grand-Presidential_Suite.jpg, Varanasi
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Varanasi Overview: Hotels in Varanasi

One of the oldest dwelled cities of the world, Varanasi or Benaras is also known as Kashi. A famous English author had said about Varanasi that, "Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together". According to historical literatures, the Varuna and the Assi rivers originated from the body of an elemental person at the beginning of time. The land that lies between the two rivers is called Varanasi. It is a city with great traditional values and Hindu culture. The city has its own set of myths, beliefs and legends. A large number of pilgrims and devotees visit the pious lands of Varanasi each year. It is a great trip that allows you to rediscover yourself and unite your body and soul. Varanasi offers a breathtaking experience to the visitors. The high banks of the pious river Ganga, temples and the shrines would offer you utmost peace. The fragrance of the incense sticks infusing in the air, the vibrations emitted by the chanting of hymns and mantras and the dip in the holy water of Ganga would free your body and soul off the sins. The city also has rich arts such as music, crafts and education. The city is also famous for its exquisite range of Banarasi Silk Sarees and Silk Brocades that look beautiful, elegant and very sophisticated.


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