Darbhanga To Kanpur Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Darbhanga to KanpurRailwayStations:
Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
Sitamarhi Lichchavi Ex... Darbhanga Jn 02:05 Kanpur Central 22:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Book
Darbhanga Sabarmati Ex... Darbhanga Jn 04:30 Kanpur Central 01:02 Y N Y N N Y N Book
Bihar S Kranti Darbhanga Jn 08:35 Kanpur Central 22:48 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Book
Jyg Anvt G Rath Darbhanga Jn 13:50 Kanpur Central 02:55 Y N N N Y N N Book
Swatantra S Exp Darbhanga Jn 15:25 Kanpur Central 06:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Book
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More About - Darbhanga To Kanpur Trains

If you’re planning to travel from Darbhanga to Kanpur , here’s a list of trains that you can choose from! Some of the trains running on this route are Sitamarhi Lichchavi Express, Jyg Anvt G Rath, Darbhanga Sabarmati Express, Swatantra S Exp, Bihar S Kranti. You can board your train from different stations such as Darbhanga Jn. Time taken by different trains is approximately 20 hrs 32 mins to 13 hours 5 mins. Out of these 3 trains run daily and are Swatantra S Exp, Sitamarhi Lichchavi Express, Bihar S Kranti and 2 are on weekly basis. There are different pick up points in Mumbai. These include Darbhanga Jn( like Darbhanga Sabarmati Express, Sitamarhi Lichchavi Express, Bihar S Kranti, Jyg Anvt G Rath, Swatantra S Exp ).