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Goa’s commercial and cultural capital Margao is the second biggest city of Goa. The city’s architecture, paintings and monuments are an important part of Goa’s heritage and culture. The Goan Carnival which is held for four days in the month of February/March and is known for its colorful processions and dance. The Holy Spirit Church is a typical example of the Baroque style of architecture. The heavily decorated altars are dedicated to Immaculate Conception of Mary, St Peter and St. Michael. The Agha Khan Children’s Park is famous for its beautiful garden. The Bogamalo Beach is situated on a small bay and is a peaceful area to relax. You can get a fine view of Goa’s coast from here. If you want to go for shopping then there are loads of indigenous artifacts and souvenirs. Margao is well known for its crochet work, carved furniture, shell work, bamboo work, curios, and brassware. The main shopping area extends from south edge of the main square to the old railway station. Visitors can commute to Margao by air, with Dabolim airport in Vasco being the closest to the town. The railway station is just 3 km from the town. To book hotels in Margao, Goa you can visit MakeMyTrip.Com. Margao hotels, Goa provide excellent accommodation facilities to tourists. The best time to visit Margao is between late October and early April.