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Hotel New Bharat

Within 500 m from Naini Lake and Mall Road, Hotel New Bharat offers meeting facilities, free Wi-Fi and free shuttle service. Hotel New Bhar... more »
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Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Nainital-Premium-Triple-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Dual-Premium-4.jpg, Nainital Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Dual-Premium-1.jpg, Nainital Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Dual-Premium-3.jpg, Nainital Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Dual-Premium-2.jpg, Nainital

Classic The Mall

Hotel offers highly comfortable and enjoyable accommodation service to its guest within budget. Hotel has facilities like well-equipped con... more »
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Classic The Mall-Classic_The_Mall_Nainital_Suite_Room.jpg, Nainital Classic The Mall-Classic-The-Mall-Nainital-Ntl-Suite.jpg, Nainital Classic The Mall-Classic-The-Mall-Nainital-Ntl-Deluxe.jpg, Nainital Classic The Mall-Classic-The-Mall-Nainital-Standard-Room.jpg, Nainital Classic The Mall-Classic-The-Mall-Nainital-Premium-Lake-Facing-Room.jpg, Nainital

Hotel Krishna

900 m from Naina Devi Temple, 1.1 km from Tallital Bus Station, 1.7 km from Zoo, 2.2 km from Snow View Point, Wi-Fi, Multi-cuisine restauran... more »
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Hotel Krishna-Hotel-Krishna-Family-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Krishna-Hotel-Krishna-Executive-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Krishna-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Hotel Krishna-Entrance.jpg, Nainital Hotel Krishna-Executive_Room_1_.jpg, Nainital

Hotel Happy Home

Hotel Happy Home is situated on the Mall Road, close to Naini Lake and Naina Peak. It features a restaurant Offering beautiful views of Na... more »
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Hotel Pratap Regency-Hotel-Pratap-Regency-Semi-Deluxe.jpg, Nainital Hotel Pratap Regency-Hotel-Pratap-Regency-Regency.jpg, Nainital Hotel Pratap Regency-Hotel-Pratap-Regency-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Nainital Hotel Happy Home-IMG-20141016-WA0020_room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Happy Home-IMG-20141016-WA0014_room.jpg, Nainital

Palace Hotel

2.4 km from Cave Garden, nearby Naina Devi Temple, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Wi-Fi Located on the banks of Naini Lake, Palace Hotel is a 2 ... more »
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Palace Hotel-Room_1.jpg, Nainital Palace Hotel-Super Deluxe Room 01_room.jpg, Nainital Palace Hotel-Executive Suite_room.jpg, Nainital Palace Hotel-Deluxe Room 01_room.jpg, Nainital Palace Hotel-Super Deluxe Room Interior_room.jpg, Nainital

Hotel Radha Continental

Hotel Radha Continental is close from Naini Lake. It offers facilities like conference hall, room service and multi-cuisine dining hall. H... more »
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Hotel Radha Continental-Super_Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Radha Continental-Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Radha Continental-Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Radha Continental-Deluxe_Room_Washroom_2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Radha Continental-Deluxe_Room_Washroom_1.jpg, Nainital

Hotel Himtrek

The homely comfort and picturesque location of the Hotel Himtrek is the major attraction of the it. Guests can expect excellent rooms and h... more »
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Hotel Himtrek-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Hotel Himtrek-Hotel_Himtrek_Nainital_Double_Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Himtrek-Room_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Himtrek-Room_2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Himtrek-Room_3.jpg, Nainital

Hotel Central

One hotel that offers a reasonable and comfortable staying option to its guests in Nainital is Hotel Central. Though the facilities being of... more »
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Hotel Central-Hotel-Central-Nainital-Double-Bed-Lake-Facing.jpg, Nainital Hotel Central-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Central-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Central-Room_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Central-Room_2.jpg, Nainital

Prim Rose

Hotel Prim Rose is a peaceful and tranquil heaven located in the heart of Nainital. It offers a calm and soothing abode to the guests and is... more »
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Prim Rose-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Prim Rose-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Prim Rose-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Nainital Prim Rose-Exterior_View_4.jpg, Nainital Prim Rose-Entrance_View_1.jpg, Nainital

Hotel Ankur Plaza

Overlooking the Naini Lake and just 600 m from Mall Road, Hotel Ankur Plaza Deluxe Garden features a travel desk and rooftop garden. Hotel ... more »
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Hotel Ankur Plaza-ECONOMY_ROOM_room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Ankur Plaza-Hotel_Ankur_Plaza_Nainital_Super_Deluxe_room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Ankur Plaza-Hotel-Ankur-Plaza-Nainital-Club.jpg, Nainital Hotel Ankur Plaza-Luxury Club Room_room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Ankur Plaza-Super Deluxe Four Bed Room 04_room.jpg, Nainital

Lakeside Inn

The Lakeside Inn is an imposing structure on the Mall road facing the Naini Lake. A series of steps lead to the hotel. The reception is smal... more »
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Lakeside Inn-Luxury_Suite.jpg, Nainital Lakeside Inn-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Lakeside Inn-Luxury_Suite_1.jpg, Nainital Lakeside Inn-Reception.jpg, Nainital

Hotel Elphinstone

Located above the Mall, 84 m from Municipal Library, 950 m from Tibetan Market, Multi-cuisine restaurant Hotel Elphinstone is well facili... more »
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Hotel Elphinstone-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Hotel Elphinstone-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Elphinstone-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Nainital Hotel Elphinstone-Exterior_View_4.jpg, Nainital Hotel Elphinstone-Exterior_View_5.jpg, Nainital
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On your next holiday to Nainital, a visit to Mall Road Nanital is a must. There are many places of interest that you must visit in Nainital, which has plenty of activities and things to do while on vacation here. Mall Road Nanital is a central hub in the city.  A visit to Mall Road Nanital will give you a greater insight in to Nainital. In and around Mall Road Nanital visitors can explore various other places of interest including restaurants, shops and other establishments. Mall Road Nanital on your next visit to Nainital should be on your sightseeing and holiday itinerary.


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