2 Star Hotels in Nainital

Best 2 Star Hotels, Nainital

Rewa Retreat, 10 kms away from Nainital
An ideal getaway offering nature's best along with modern conveniences, Rewa Retreat is a 2-star heritage property that offers comfortable ... more »
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Rewa Retreat, 10 kms away from Nainital-Rewa-Retreat-Nainital-Deluxe-Suite.jpg, Nainital Rewa Retreat, 10 kms away from Nainital-Rewa-Retreat-Nainital-Premier-Room-Double.jpg, Nainital Rewa Retreat-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Rewa Retreat-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Rewa Retreat-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital
NI - Ek Chidiya Cottage Nathuakhan
Ek Chidiya Holiday Home is a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly property that is perfect for visitors who want to bird-watch, or simply spend time ... more »
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Ek Chidiya Cottage Nathuakhan-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Ek Chidiya Cottage Nathuakhan-Room_1_.jpg, Nainital Ek Chidiya Cottage Nathuakhan-Room_2_.jpg, Nainital Ek Chidiya Cottage Nathuakhan-Room_3.jpg, Nainital Ek Chidiya Cottage Nathuakhan-Living_Area_.jpg, Nainital
Closed - Satvik Sadan
The Satvik Resort is located on the main highway of Kumaon, which runs from Kathgodam to Amritpur through Rani Bagh. The resort is situated ... more »
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Satvik Sadan-Hotel_Entrance.jpg, Nainital Satvik Sadan-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Satvik Sadan-Delux_Room.jpg, Nainital Satvik Sadan-Nature_Retreat.jpg, Nainital Satvik Sadan-Room.jpg, Nainital
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Hotel Sunrise, Jeolikot, 17 kms from Nainital
Hotel Sunrise is an adobe in the lap of nature which gives you a spectacular view of the sun rising above the mountains inspiring awe. Hote... more »
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Hotel Sunrise-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Hotel Sunrise-Reception.jpg, Nainital Hotel Sunrise-Room_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Sunrise-Room_2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Sunrise-Room_3.jpg, Nainital
Silent Villa
A heritage property offers a wonderful combination of age-old hospitality and luxurious comfort. It is a home away from home, and ideal to ... more »
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Silent Villa-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Silent Villa-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Silent Villa-Dining_Area_.jpg, Nainital
Hotel Lake Inn, Bhimtal 20 Kms from Nainital
450 m from Bhimtal Lake, 3 km from Bhimtal Dam, 7 km from Naukuchia Taal, Multi-cuisine restaurant Hotel Lake Inn, Bhimtal is located oppos... more »
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Hotel Lake Inn-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Lake Inn, Bhimtal-Hotel-Lake-Inn-Nainital-Single-Room-2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Lake Inn, Bhimtal-Hotel-Lake-Inn-Nainital-Single-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Lake Inn, Bhimtal, 20 kms from Nainital-Hotel-Lake-Inn-Nainital-Deluxe-Double-Bed-room.jpg, Na Hotel Lake Inn, Bhimtal, 20 kms from Nainital-Hotel-Lake-Inn-Super-Deluxe-Triple-Bedroom.jpg, Nainit
Kanara Hotel
Kanara hotel is a 2 star property situated in Bhimtal, at a close proximity with Nainital. The hotel offers 24 rooms with attached balcony a... more »
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Kanara Hotel-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Nainital Kanara Hotel-Super Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Nainital Kanara Hotel-Exterior View.jpg, Nainital Kanara Hotel-Delux Room Interior_room.jpg, Nainital Kanara Hotel-SuperDeluxe Room Interior1_room.jpg, Nainital
Alpine Club
A boutique hotel with distinct individuality, Alpine Club stands apart from all other hotels in terms of decor, location and furnishing. Wi... more »
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Alpine Club-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Alpine Club-_Room_3.jpg, Nainital Alpine Club-_Room_4.jpg, Nainital Alpine Club-_Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Alpine Club-_Exterior_View_3.jpg, Nainital
Hotel Mount n Mist
3.4 km from Tallital Bus Station and 3.2 km from Mall Road, Mount-n-Mist features a multi-cuisine restaurant and arranges for adventure acti... more »
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Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Exterior_View_.jpg, Nainital Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Hotel-Mount-N-Mist-Nainital-Super-Deluxe-.jpg, Nainital Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Super_Deluxe_.jpg, Nainital Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Room_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Restaurant_.jpg, Nainital
The Corner
The Corner is well placed at opposite Nainital Club near Hig Court in Mallital and is 5 minutes from Nainital. It has a distance of 72 kilo... more »
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The Corner-_Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital The Corner-Deluxe Room 04_room.jpg, Nainital The Corner-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Nainital
Himalayan Village Sonapani
Located overlooking Almora, the hotel offers a magnificent 175-degree view of the Himalayas. It lies close to Nathuakhan, near village Satol... more »
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Himalayan Village Sonapani-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Himalayan Village Sonapani-Room_room.jpg, Nainital Himalayan Village Sonapani-Room.jpg, Nainital Himalayan Village Sonapani-Dining_Area.jpg, Nainital
Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, Pangot, 15 Kms from Nainital
A small village in the beautiful locales of the Himalayan range, the Jungle Lore Birding Lodge is a cute cottage tucked in between lush vege... more »
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Jungle Lore Birding Lodge,15 Kms from Nainital-Jungle-Lore-Birding-Lodge-Jungle-Cottage.jpg, Nainita Jungle Lore Birding Lodge,15 Kms from Nainital-Jungle-Lore-Birding-Lodge-Upper.jpg, Nainital Jungle Lore Birding Lodge,15 Kms from Nainital-Jungle-Lore-Birding-Lodge-Small.jpg, Nainital Jungle Lore Birding Lodge,15 Kms from Nainital-jungle-Lore-Birding-New-Cottage-Room.jpg, Nainital Jungle Lore Birding Lodge,15 Kms from Nainital-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital
Apical Resort, Bhimtal
Apical Resort is located at Junglia Gaon in Bhimtal. It is 48 kilometres away from the Pantnagar Airport and 27 kilometres away from Kathgo... more »
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Apical Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Apical Resort-Delux_Room.jpg, Nainital Apical Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Apical Resort-Exterior_apical_night_3.jpg, Nainital Apical Resort-Entrance_view.jpg, Nainital
The Hermitage Kailash, 15 kms from Nainital
The hotel is located on a mountain top, facing Nainital, surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, lush green valleys, sprawling silver oak, p... more »
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The Hermitage, Kailash-Exterior_View_.jpg, Nainital The Hermitage, Kailash-The-Hermitage-Room-1-.jpg, Nainital The Hermitage, Kailash-The-Hermitage-Room-2-.jpg, Nainital The Hermitage Kailash, 15 kms from Nainital-The-Hermitage-Kailash-Nainital-Standard.jpg, Nainital The Hermitage, Kailash-Front_View_.jpg, Nainital

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