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Hotel New Bharat
Within 500 m from Naini Lake and Mall Road, Hotel New Bharat offers meeting facilities, free Wi-Fi and free shuttle service. Hotel New Bhar... more »
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Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Nainital-Premium-Triple-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Dual-Premium-4.jpg, Nainital Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Dual-Premium-1.jpg, Nainital Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Dual-Premium-3.jpg, Nainital Hotel New Bharat-Hotel-New-Bharat-Dual-Premium-2.jpg, Nainital
Lake Retreat
One staying option that people visiting Bhimtal must consider is that of Lake Retreat. Though the hotel offers limited range of facilities y... more »
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Lake Retreat-Exterior_View.jpg, Bhimtal Lake Retreat-Room.jpg, Bhimtal
Satvik Sadan
Location The Satvik Resort is located on the main highway of Kumaon, which runs from Kathgodam to Amritpur through Ranibagh. The resort is s... more »
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Satvik Sadan-Exterior_View.jpg, Bhimtal Satvik Sadan-Room.jpg, Bhimtal Satvik Sadan-Conference_Hall.jpg, Bhimtal Satvik Sadan-Restaurant.jpg, Bhimtal Satvik Sadan-Lobby.jpg, Bhimtal
Hotel Maharaja
Within a walking distance from the Nainital Zoo and Naini Lake, Hotel Maharaja offers a multi-cuisine restaurant and Wi-Fi connectivity. Ov... more »
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Hotel Maharaja -Hotel-Maharaja-Nainital-Family-suite.jpg, Nainital Hotel Maharaja -Hotel-Maharaja-Three-Bed-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Nainital Hotel Maharaja -Hotel-Maharaja-Double-Bed-Super-Deluxe-room-4.jpg, Nainital Hotel Maharaja -Hotel-Maharaja-Double-Bed-Super-Deluxe-room-3.jpg, Nainital Hotel Maharaja -Hotel-Maharaja-Four-Bed-Super-Deluxe-Corridor-1.jpg, Nainital
The Manu Maharani
1.7 km from Nainital Lake, 3 km from Tallital, 5.7 km from Sariyatal Park, Health club, Bar, Business centre, Spa, Restaurant, Hair salon, B... more »
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The Manu Maharani-The-Manu-Maharani-Nainital-Standard.jpg, Nainital The Manu Maharani-The-Manu-Maharani-Nainital-Terrace-Room.jpg, Nainital The Manu Maharani-The-Manu-Maharani-Nainital-Club-Room.jpg, Nainital The Manu Maharani-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital The Manu Maharani-Duplex_Room.jpg, Nainital
Shikha Inn Resort
Set in the open countryside of Bhimtal amidst alpine forests and mountain ridges, Shikha Inn Resort is an ideal getaway option for all natur... more »
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Shikha Inn Resort-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Bhimtal Shikha Inn Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Bhimtal Shikha Inn Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Bhimtal Shikha Inn Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Bhimtal Shikha Inn Resort-Reception.jpg, Bhimtal
Honey Gold Inn Resort & Restaurant
Honey Gold Inn Resort and Restaurant is a budget hotel located at Mehergaon in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand. The hotel is well located and can easil... more »

Honey Gold Inn Resort & Restaurant-l_4803_1352356465.jpg, Bhimtal Honey Gold Inn Resort & Restaurant-l_4803_1352356650.jpg, Bhimtal Honey Gold Inn Resort & Restaurant-l_4803_1352356607.jpg, Bhimtal Honey Gold Inn Resort & Restaurant-l_4803_1352356496.jpg, Bhimtal Honey Gold Inn Resort & Restaurant-l_4803_1352356943.jpg, Bhimtal
Hotel Himalaya
Located within 100 m from Tallital Bus Stand, Hotel Himalaya offers a conference hall, golf course and free Wi-Fi. Situated near sparkling... more »
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Hotel Himalaya-Hotel-Himalaya-Nainital-Heritage-Family-Suite-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Himalaya-Hotel-Himalaya-Nainital-Heritage-Suite-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Himalaya-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Himalaya-_Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Himalaya-_Exterior_View_3.jpg, Nainital
Shervani Hilltop
700 m from Nainital Lake, 700 m from Mall Road, 1.5 km from Cave Garden, On-site multi-cuisine restaurant, Barbecue, Bar Shervani Hilltop,... more »
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Shervani Hilltop-Shervani-Hilltop-Nainital-Suite-Room.jpg, Nainital Shervani Hilltop-Shervani-Hilltop-Nainital-Garden-View.jpg, Nainital Shervani Hilltop-Shervani-Hilltop-Nainital-Hill-View.jpg, Nainital Shervani Hilltop-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Shervani Hilltop-Shervani-Hilltop-Nainital-Deluxe.jpg, Nainital
Kanara Hotel
Hotel Kanara is a budget hotel located at Bhowali road, Bhimtal just 23 km away from Nainital. Bhimtal is located exactly at less height as ... more »

Kanara Hotel-l_4728_1351692085.jpg, Bhimtal Kanara Hotel-l_4728_1351692121.jpg, Bhimtal Kanara Hotel-l_4728_1351692156.jpg, Bhimtal Kanara Hotel-l_4728_1351692184.jpg, Bhimtal Kanara Hotel-Facade1395743297745.jpg, Bhimtal
Akansha Resort
Akansha Resort is a renowned guest house which is highly recognizable not only among the tourists but also among the local residents. The gu... more »

Akansha Resort-l_5916_1360925379.jpg, Bhimtal Akansha Resort-l_5916_1360925268.jpg, Bhimtal Akansha Resort-l_5916_1360925598.jpg, Bhimtal Akansha Resort-l_5916_1360925223.jpg, Bhimtal Akansha Resort-l_5916_1360925641.jpg, Bhimtal
Hotel Mount n Mist
3.4 km from Tallital Bus Station and 3.2 km from Mall Road, Mount-n-Mist features a multi-cuisine restaurant and arranges for adventure acti... more »
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Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Exterior_View_.jpg, Nainital Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Hotel-Mount-N-Mist-Nainital-Super-Deluxe-.jpg, Nainital Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Super_Deluxe_.jpg, Nainital Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Room_1.jpg, Nainital Hotel Mount-n-Mist-Restaurant_.jpg, Nainital
Hotel Anamika
Located just 40 m from Tallital Bus Station and 950 m from Mall Road, Hotel Anamika offers a multi-cuisine restaurant and travel desk. Hote... more »
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Hotel Anamika-_Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Hotel Anamika-Hotel-Anamika-Nainital-Super-Deluxe--Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Anamika-Hotel-Anamika-Nainital-Super-Deluxe-Lake-Facing-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Anamika-Hotel-Anamika-Nainital-Standard-Back-Room.jpg, Nainital Hotel Anamika-Hotel-Anamika-Nainital-Deluxe-Side-facing-Room.jpg, Nainital
Welcom Heritage Palace Belvedere
A 52-year-old building that was converted into a hotel around thirty years ago, Welcom Heritage Palace Belvedere, as the name suggests, is ... more »
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Welcom Heritage Palace Belvedere-Welcom-Heritage-Palace-Belvedere-Nainital-Lake-Facing-Suite.jpg, Na WelcomHeritage Palace Belvedere-Exterior_View.jpg, Nainital Welcom Heritage Palace Belvedere-Welcom-Heritage-Palace-Belvedere-Nainital-Garden-Room.jpg, Nainital WelcomHeritage Palace Belvedere-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Nainital WelcomHeritage Palace Belvedere-Suite.jpg, Nainital
Welcome Park
Roughly 3-minute drive from Tallital Bus Station and 4.5 km from Nainital Lake, Hotel Welcome Park offers games room and restaurant. Nestli... more »
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Welcome Park-Welcome-Park-Nainital-Luxury-Room.jpg, Nainital Welcome Park-Welcome-Park-Nainital-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Nainital Welcome Park-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nainital Welcome Park-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nainital Welcome Park-_Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Nainital
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Nainital Overview: Hotels in Nainital

If you are looking for elegant boat rides across a lake surrounded with mountains visit Nainital. The hill station is surrounded by many small and large mountains out of which the major ones are Naina on northern side, Deopatha on the western side & Ayarpatha on the south. Named after goddess Naini, It is located in Kumaon foot hills of outer Himalayan range in Uttarakhand state of Northern India. The breath taking boat rides in Naini Lake are the eye catcher of tourists across the world. It has got a mythological touch. The eye shaped naini Lake is said to be a smaller Mansarovar lake and in Indian mythology it is also said that goddess Parvati’s charred body parts fell in this lake. It is also known for its bio diversity and educational institutions. Nainital is one of the frequently visited hill stations of northern India.


Nainital can be reached by bus, train & flights from every part of the nation. Dehradun and Delhi are the nearest big cities, which makes it more convenient for visitors to reach Nainital. People get attracted to this place because of its scenic beauty and historical presence. There are very good European educational institutions in Nainital.


Places to visit in and around Nainital

Naini Lake, Nainidevi temple, Naini peak, Snow view, Jim Corbett national park.


Tourist Accomodation in Nainital:

Tourism is one of the major sources of income in Nainital. The city observes a descent flow of crowd all around the year. Mostly in winter the crowd is more. Nainital experiences snow fall as well which enhances the beauty of the lake.


There are many resorts and hotels in Nainital. Many of the famous tourism companies have been investing in many areas of the city which has made tourism more convenient and attractive for people. Hotels here are for one and everyone. Rich, poor moderate every class and race can afford a stay in the scenic city of Nainital. The resorts & Hotels here are situated in and around every edge of the city which makes it more convenient for tourist visitors to select their location accordingly. It is a must visit place for nature lovers.




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