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Saraswathy Estate Stay, Suntikoppa
Coorg Gateways, Suntikoppa
Hilly Side, Suntikoppa

This is one of the worst experiences I faced with MMT. Booked this so called "HOMESTAY" 3 days prior to my trip. Also got a confirmation from MMT saying that the hotel confirmed my booked. As soon as I reached Coorg, had a very hard time finding this place. The addresses given in the google maps is not complete. You need to travel 7km inside. The path to the estate is the worst I have seen. As I reached the place with much difficulty, I see that the place is locked out. When I call up the owner, he says he didn't get any confirmation. I know that this is their way of avoiding my booking as they would get more money by taking visitors directly instead of my booking. The owner and the lady do not have the minimum courtesy to talk decently. The worst and rudest behaviour I have seen. Because of these people I had to shift to a dirty makeshift hotel as it was a holiday weekend and all other places are almost booked. I don't know why MMT encourages these kind of flimsy and horrible people to post their ads in the site. Request others planning to Coorg to avoid this place at any cost. These kind of experiences make you realise there are still people like these who ruin people's vacation and dupe you off your money. A BIG NO to this homestay.


Solo Traveller

Dream Holiday Resort, Suntikoppa
Tusker Trail, Suntikoppa
The Windflower Resorts & Spa, Suntikoppa

Beautiful setting but the property is quite outdated. Bed and bathroom needs an upgrade. Gym looks like what you will find in a 3-star property. The floor near the swimming pool is extremely slippery making it dangerous especially for kids. All the staff were very friendly and the food was good enough.


Family Traveller

Jaivik greens homestay, Suntikoppa
Old Kent Estates and Spa, Suntikoppa

Though it’s hard to reach there, it was a very good place to stay. Me went with my wife. We really loved the food they have served. Rooms are really big but we felt some dampness inside the room. They are but expensive though.


Couple Traveller

Natura Vista A Plantation Stay, Suntikoppa

The home stay is in the middle of a coffee estate and has an amazing calmness. The owner is quite helpful and courteous. The food was good and tasty. Definitely recommend it for detox vacation.


Couple Traveller

Green Glade Homestay - A Wandertrails Showcase, Suntikoppa
Hotel Mayflower Stay, Suntikoppa
Cauvery krupa homestay, Suntikoppa
Nakoor Valkot Estate Stay, Suntikoppa

It's a nice place, owners are extemely nice and obliging and provided us with home cooked food and guided us about the district and towns.



Coorg County Resorts, Suntikoppa

Food is so bad that it can't be eaten by even street dogs. Multiple tariffs from hotel for same room and rooms are also not consistent based on the level viz. Standard cottage, Deluxe room etc. Demand extra money and then force you to pay the same almost at the edge of knife. No one takes accountability for the commitments made on phone and blames each other. Even on email signature scent they only write Customer Care but don't mention name so difficult to trace who has conversed with you. No Wi-Fi, no one comes to clear room, no telephone / intercom in room to call people. Overall the worst vacation of my life in spite of Coorg being such a nice place. So if you want to waste your money and screw your vacation then all the best and opt for this Resort


Family Traveller