Available Trains

15004   Chaurichauraexp

Mau Jn (02:15)Bhulanpur (05:06)
55149   Gkp Muv Pass

Mau Jn (03:30)Manduadih (07:00)
12537   Manduadih Exp

Mau Jn (03:45)Manduadih (06:00)
15018   Gkp Ltt Exp

Mau Jn (08:35)Varanasi Jn (11:05)
15008   Ljn Muv Exp

Mau Jn (10:20)Manduadih (13:05)
01048   Gkp Cstm Spl

Mau Jn (11:05)Varanasi Jn (14:05)
19046   Tapti Ganga Exp

Mau Jn (11:40)Kashi (17:44)
12946   Tapti Ganga Exp

Mau Jn (11:50)Kashi (17:44)
14005   Lichchavi Exp

Mau Jn (13:55)Bhulanpur (15:58)
18202   Ntv Durg Exp

Mau Jn (16:15)Varanasi Jn (18:30)
15022   Gkp Shm Express

Mau Jn (16:15)Varanasi Jn (18:15)
01454   Gkp Pune Spl

Mau Jn (18:00)Varanasi Jn (21:40)
11038   Gkp Pune Expres

Mau Jn (18:05)Varanasi Jn (20:55)
15103   Muv Intercity

Mau Jn (19:00)Manduadih (21:45)
01062   Mau Ltt Spl

Mau Jn (21:30)Varanasi Jn (01:45)

More About - Mau To Varanasi Trains

Book your train tickets from mau to varanasi. Some of the trains that run on this route are Ljn Muv Exp, Tapti Ganga Exp, Gkp Pune Expres, Mau Ltt Spl, Ntv Durg Exp, Manduadih Exp, Gkp Pune Spl, Gkp Ltt Exp, Muv Intercity, Lichchavi Exp and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Mau Jn. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Ljn Muv Exp, Gkp Ltt Exp, Chaurichauraexp, Gkp Muv Pass, Muv Intercity, Lichchavi Exp or trains that run weekly like Manduadih Exp, Mau Ltt Spl, Gkp Pune Spl, Ntv Durg Exp, Gkp Shm Express, Gkp Pune Expres, Tapti Ganga Exp, Gkp Cstm Spl and etc. Choose your pickup points from Mau Jn( like Manduadih Exp, Gkp Ltt Exp, Tapti Ganga Exp, Muv Intercity, Gkp Pune Expres, Lichchavi Exp, Mau Ltt Spl, Gkp Pune Spl, Chaurichauraexp, Ntv Durg Exp ).