Available Trains 

12669   Gangakaveri Exp

Varanasi Jn (07:20)Chhapra (11:40)
12562   Swatantrta S Ex

Varanasi Jn (08:40)Chhapra (12:45)
14016   Sadbhawana Express

Varanasi Jn (09:30)Chhapra (14:10)
14008   Delhi Sadbhawna Express

Varanasi Jn (09:30)Chhapra (14:10)
19045   Surat Tapti Ganga Express

Kashi (10:22)Chhapra (18:35)
12945   Surat Mahuva Express

Kashi (10:22)Chhapra (18:35)
14018   Delhi sadbhawana Express

Varanasi Jn (10:40)Chhapra (14:45)
11061   Muzaffarpur Exp

Bhulanpur (13:23)Chhapra (19:30)
11065   Darbhanga Exp

Bhulanpur (13:23)Chhapra (19:30)
15160   Durg Sarnath Express

Varanasi Jn (16:30)Chhapra (21:40)
11033   Darbhanga Exp

Manduadih (19:25)Chhapra (01:05)
01057   Ltt Mfp Spl

Varanasi Jn (19:50)Chhapra (00:20)
05636   Ndls Ghy Specia

Varanasi Jn (22:25)Chhapra (01:55)
12236   Ndls Dbrg Rjdhn

Varanasi Jn (22:25)Chhapra (01:55)
12436   Ndls Dbrt Rjdhn

Varanasi Jn (22:25)Chhapra (01:55)

More About - Varanasi To Chhapra Trains 

If you are travelling from varanasi to chhapra then there are number of trains you can choose. To name some trains that run from varanasi to chhapra are Ndls Dbrt Rjdhn, Gangakaveri Exp, Darbhanga Exp, Sadbhavna Exp, Tapti Ganga Exp, Shramik Express, Sadhbhawna Exp, Muzaffarpur Exp and etc. There are different starting junctions like Kashi, Manduadih, Bhulanpur, Varanasi Jn. Choose trains between varanasi to chhapra with time approximately from 8 hrs 13 mins to 3 hours 30 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Swatantrta S Ex, Sarnath Express, Lichchavi Exp or train that run sporadically like Sadbhavna Exp, Shramik Express, Sadhbhawna Exp, Darbhanga Exp, Ghy Rajdhani, Ndls Dbrt Rjdhn, Ndls Ghy Specia, Asr Dbrg Expres, Umb Mfp Express, Ltt Mfp Spl etc. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Bhulanpur( like Muzaffarpur Exp, Darbhanga Exp, Lichchavi Exp ), Varanasi Jn( like Shramik Express, Sarnath Express, Ndls Dbrt Rjdhn, Ghy Rajdhani, Gangakaveri Exp, Sadhbhawna Exp, Asr Dbrg Expres, Ltt Mfp Spl, Umb Mfp Express, Swatantrta S Ex ), Kashi( like Tapti Ganga Exp ), Manduadih( like Darbhanga Exp ).