Available Trains 

15707   Kir Asr Express

Ghaziabad (02:07)Delhi (02:50)
13111   Lal Quila Exp

Ghaziabad (02:25)Delhi (03:10)
54077   Be Dli Psngr

Ghaziabad (02:44)Delhi (03:40)
54075   Spc Delhi Pass

Ghaziabad (02:44)Delhi (03:40)
15014   Ranikhet Exp

Ghaziabad (03:07)Delhi Cantt (05:14)
25014   Corbet Prk Link

Ghaziabad (03:07)Delhi Cantt (05:14)
14217   Unchahar Exp

Ghaziabad (03:25)Narela (04:59)
18238   Chhatisgarh Exp

Ghaziabad (03:30)H Nizamuddin (04:15)
13483   Farakka Express

Ghaziabad (03:42)Delhi (04:30)
13413   Farakka Express

Ghaziabad (03:42)Delhi (04:30)
14005   Lichchavi Exp

Ghaziabad (03:52)ANAND VIHAR TRM (04:20)
14015   Sadbhawana Exp

Ghaziabad (04:02)Delhi (04:50)
14017   Sadbhavna Exp

Ghaziabad (04:02)Delhi (04:50)
14013   Sln Dli Exp

Ghaziabad (04:02)Delhi (04:50)
14007   Sadbhawna Exp

Ghaziabad (04:02)Delhi (04:50)
12801   Purushottam Exp

Ghaziabad (04:05)New Delhi (04:50)
12391   Shramjeevi Exp

Ghaziabad (04:22)New Delhi (05:10)
04056   Ddn Ndls Ac Spl

Ghaziabad (04:30)New Delhi (05:05)
12206   Ddn Ndls Ac Exp

Ghaziabad (04:38)New Delhi (05:15)
04203   Lko Ndls Spl

Ghaziabad (04:42)New Delhi (05:35)
14723   Kalindi Express

Ghaziabad (04:50)Shakurbasti (06:44)
04052   Jat Anvt Spl

Ghaziabad (05:15)ANAND VIHAR TRM (05:55)
04054   Jat Anvt Spl

Ghaziabad (05:15)ANAND VIHAR TRM (05:40)
14055   Brahmputra Mail

Ghaziabad (05:20)Delhi (06:05)
14257   K V Exp

Ghaziabad (05:28)New Delhi (06:10)
12553   Vaishali Exp

Ghaziabad (05:50)New Delhi (06:30)
04201   Lko Ndls Spl

Ghaziabad (05:54)New Delhi (06:40)
12427   Rewa Anvt Exp

Ghaziabad (06:00)ANAND VIHAR TRM (06:30)
14207   Padmavat Expres

Ghaziabad (06:05)Delhi (06:50)
12417   Prayag Raj Exp

Ghaziabad (06:13)New Delhi (06:55)
12904   Goldn Temple Ml

Ghaziabad (06:17)H Nizamuddin (07:10)
12229   Lucknow Mail

Ghaziabad (06:26)New Delhi (07:10)
12233   Lko Ndls Ac Exp

Ghaziabad (06:40)New Delhi (07:30)
14042   Mussoorie Exp

Ghaziabad (06:59)Delhi S Rohilla (08:30)
24042   Mussoorie Exp

Ghaziabad (06:59)Delhi S Rohilla (08:30)
04205   Lko Ndls Spl

Ghaziabad (07:25)New Delhi (08:20)
15273   Satyagrah Exp

Ghaziabad (08:30)Delhi (09:20)
14205   Fd Dli Exp

Ghaziabad (08:53)Delhi (09:35)
19326   Asr Indb Expres

Ghaziabad (09:08)H Nizamuddin (09:50)
14315   Intercity Exp

Ghaziabad (09:20)New Delhi (10:05)
12371   Hwh Jsm Exp

Ghaziabad (09:40)Delhi Cantt (11:10)
14646   Shalimar Exp

N Ghaziabad (09:47)Delhi (10:55)
04021   Pnbe Dli Puja S

Ghaziabad (09:55)Delhi (10:40)
12056   Ndls Janshatabd

Ghaziabad (10:30)New Delhi (11:10)
12033   Cnb Ndls Sht

Ghaziabad (10:35)New Delhi (11:15)
14321   Be Bhuj Exp

Ghaziabad (10:50)Delhi Cantt (12:13)
14311   Ala Hazrat Exp

Ghaziabad (10:50)Delhi Cantt (12:13)
14522   Umb Dli Exp

Ghaziabad (10:55)Delhi (11:40)
18478   Kalingautkalexp

Ghaziabad (10:58)H Nizamuddin (11:40)
14673   Shaheed Express

Ghaziabad (11:09)Subzi Mandi (12:59)
14649   Saryu Yamuna Ex

Ghaziabad (11:09)Subzi Mandi (12:59)
12443   Hlz Anvt Wkly S

Ghaziabad (11:22)ANAND VIHAR TRM (11:50)
22409   Anvt Garib Rath

Ghaziabad (11:22)ANAND VIHAR TRM (11:50)
05281   Bju Andi Spl

Ghaziabad (11:25)Adrsh Ngr Delhi (14:15)
12523   Njp Ndls Expres

Ghaziabad (11:28)New Delhi (12:10)
15279   Poorbiya Exp

Ghaziabad (11:28)Adrsh Ngr Delhi (14:15)
05027   Gkp Anvt Spl

Ghaziabad (11:37)ANAND VIHAR TRM (12:10)
12561   Swatantra S Exp

Ghaziabad (11:47)New Delhi (12:30)
14682   Juc Ndls Expres

Ghaziabad (12:00)New Delhi (12:50)
14310   Ujjaiyani Exp

Ghaziabad (12:22)H Nizamuddin (13:15)
14318   Ddn Indb Exp

Ghaziabad (12:22)H Nizamuddin (13:15)
12288   Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex

Ghaziabad (12:23)H Nizamuddin (13:15)
19566   Uttaranchal Exp

Ghaziabad (12:23)Delhi Cantt (14:08)
03685   Gaya Dli Sf Spl

Ghaziabad (13:07)Delhi (13:50)
12419   Gomti Exp

Ghaziabad (13:20)New Delhi (14:00)
22688   Ddn Cdg Mas Exp

Ghaziabad (13:33)H Nizamuddin (14:15)
12688   Ddn Mas Exp

Ghaziabad (13:33)H Nizamuddin (14:15)
14003   Nfk Ndls Expres

Ghaziabad (13:56)New Delhi (14:40)
04029   Mldt Ndls Spl

Ghaziabad (13:57)New Delhi (14:40)
15609   Abadh Assam Exp

Ghaziabad (14:20)Nangloi (16:07)
04023   Dbg Dee Puja Sp

Ghaziabad (15:27)Delhi S Rohilla (16:50)
04522   Umb Dli Exp

Ghaziabad (16:17)Delhi (17:20)
14083   Mahananda Exp

Ghaziabad (17:30)Delhi (18:10)
12505   North East Exp

Ghaziabad (18:47)ANAND VIHAR TRM (19:15)
12311   Hwh Dli Klk Mai

Ghaziabad (20:02)Subzi Mandi (21:44)
29020   Dehradun Expres

N Ghaziabad (20:04)Tuglakabad (22:18)
19020   Dehradun Exp

N Ghaziabad (20:04)Tuglakabad (22:18)
12487   Seemanchal Exp

Ghaziabad (20:22)ANAND VIHAR TRM (20:50)
14555   Bareilly Dli Ex

Ghaziabad (20:27)Delhi (21:20)
19106   Hw Adi Mail

N Ghaziabad (20:37)Delhi Cantt (23:04)
18601   Hte Jat Exp

Ghaziabad (20:40)Subzi Mandi (22:14)
18101   Tata Jat Exp

Ghaziabad (20:40)Subzi Mandi (22:14)
18109   Rou Muri Jat Ex

Ghaziabad (20:40)Subzi Mandi (22:14)
12039   Kgm Anvt Sht

Ghaziabad (20:47)ANAND VIHAR TRM (21:15)
14011   Kgm Anvt Ac Exp

Ghaziabad (20:55)ANAND VIHAR TRM (21:20)
12875   Neelachal Exp

Ghaziabad (20:59)New Delhi (21:40)
12003   Lko Swran Shtbd

Ghaziabad (21:27)New Delhi (22:05)
14043   Garhwal Express

Ghaziabad (21:27)Delhi (22:15)
12018   Dehradun Shtbdi

Ghaziabad (22:05)New Delhi (22:45)
12912   Hw Bl Sup Exp

Ghaziabad (22:24)H Nizamuddin (23:15)

About Delhi City 

India's capital city New Delhi is one the largest cities of the world. Politically named as national capital territory of Delhi, the city is one of the four metropolitan cities of India. Also referred to as the ‘Mini India', Delhi is home to people from almost every region of the country. A bustling capital city, Delhi presents a fine combination of old and new. The 5,000 year old city was ruled by several great dynasties and has been mentioned in great epic Mahabharata. Even today you can get fine glimpses of Delhi's rich historic past, in the old monuments.

Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Old Fort, Qutub Minar and Humayun Tomb are some of the architectural masterpieces of Delhi. Besides, the city also has new wonders like India Gate, Akshardham Temple and Lotus Temple. High rising buildings and shopping malls, lush sprawling gardens and parks, entertainment centres, eating joints and multiplexes, altogether make Delhi a prosperous capital city.

The areas located adjunct to Delhi is called as national capital region (NCR). Due to their location advantage close to Delhi these places have their special importance. Cities namely Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida and Gurgaon are referred as NCR and they have provided extra space to rapidly growing Delhi. Several major industries have made these cities their base that has helped a lot to Delhi and its people.

More About - Ghaziabad To Delhi Trains 

If you are travelling from ghaziabad to delhi then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains that run on this route are Ujjaiyani Exp, Ranikhet Exp, Dehradun Exp, Seemanchal Exp, Sadbhawana Exp, Ddn Cdg Mas Exp, Anvt Garib Rath, Njp Ndls Expres, Shaheed Express, Bareilly Dli Ex and etc. The train starts from various stations in ghaziabad like Ghaziabad. There are different trains that travel from ghaziabad to delhi and time taken by these trains varies from 2 hrs 50 mins to 0 hours 25 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Goldn Temple Ml, Umb Dli Exp, Dehradun Expres, Bareilly Dli Ex, Lucknow Mail, Ddn Ndls Ac Exp, Hte Jat Exp, Corbet Prk Link, Seemanchal Exp, Tata Jat Exp or train that run sporadically like Uttaranchal Exp, Asr Indb Expres, Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex, Lko Ndls Spl, Dbg Dee Puja Sp, Sadbhawna Exp, Kgm Anvt Ac Exp, Hw Bl Sup Exp, Njp Ndls Expres, Nfk Ndls Expres etc. There are different trains passing from various stations from ghaziabad like from Ghaziabad( like Kalingautkalexp, Ranikhet Exp, Ddn Cdg Mas Exp, Kgm Anvt Ac Exp, Mahananda Exp, Gaya Dli Sf Spl, Farakka Express, Hwh Jsm Exp, Sadbhawna Exp, Ndls Janshatabd ), N Ghaziabad( like Dehradun Exp, Shalimar Exp, Hw Adi Mail, Dehradun Expres ).