Lucknow To Muzaffarpur Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Lucknow to Muzaffarpur Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
15708 Amritsar katihar expr... Lucknow 00:50 Muzaffarpur Jn 12:55 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19165 Ahmedabad Darbhanga Sa... Lucknow 01:05 Muzaffarpur Jn 16:12 N Y N N Y N Y
15002 Dehradun Muzaffarpur E... Lucknow 02:10 Muzaffarpur Jn 16:10 N N N N N N Y
14016 Sadbhawana Express Alamnagar 03:00 Muzaffarpur Jn 17:55 Y N N N N Y N
14008 Delhi Sadbhawna Expres... Alamnagar 03:00 Muzaffarpur Jn 18:20 N N Y N Y N N
14018 Delhi sadbhawana Expr... Alamnagar 03:00 Muzaffarpur Jn 17:55 N N N Y N N N
12554 Vaishali Exp Lucknow 04:05 Muzaffarpur Jn 14:58 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12212 Mfp Garib Rath Lucknow 05:35 Muzaffarpur Jn 18:05 N N N Y N N N
19269 Porbandar Motihari Exp... Lucknow 05:55 Muzaffarpur Jn 18:10 N N N N N Y Y
14650 Amritsar saryu Yamuna... Lucknow 06:20 Muzaffarpur Jn 19:25 N Y N Y N N Y
13020 Kathgodam Bagh Express Lucknow 06:20 Muzaffarpur Jn 20:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
14674 Amritsar shaheed Expre... Lucknow 06:40 Muzaffarpur Jn 19:25 Y N Y N Y Y N
19039 Bandra To Muzaffarnaga... Lucknow 06:50 Muzaffarpur Jn 21:50 Y N Y N N Y N
12522 Raptisagar Exp Lucknow 10:05 Muzaffarpur Jn 21:05 N N N N N N Y
14524 Ambala Cant Muzaffarpu... Lucknow 10:10 Muzaffarpur Jn 23:50 N N Y N N N Y
15904 Chandigarh Dibrugarh E... Lucknow 11:30 Muzaffarpur Jn 23:50 N N N Y N N N
05904 Cdg Dbrg Spl Lucknow 11:30 Muzaffarpur Jn 23:50 Y N N N N N N
04314 Be Dbg Exp Spl Lucknow 11:30 Muzaffarpur Jn 00:30 N N Y N N N N
05641 Aii Kyq Spl Lucknow 13:50 Muzaffarpur Jn 03:35 N N N N Y N N
19709 Jaipur Kavi Guru Expre... Lucknow 14:00 Muzaffarpur Jn 03:10 N Y N N N N N
19053 Surat Muzaffarnagar Ex... Lucknow 14:00 Muzaffarpur Jn 04:30 N N N N N Y N
15204 Lucknow barauni Expres... Lucknow 15:00 Muzaffarpur Jn 05:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15098 Jammu Tawi To Bhagalpu... Lucknow 15:30 Muzaffarpur Jn 03:10 N N Y N N N N
15654 Jammu Tawi Amarnath Ex... Lucknow 15:30 Muzaffarpur Jn 03:35 N N N N N Y N
05286 Aii Bju Spl Lucknow 17:20 Muzaffarpur Jn 09:25 N N N N N N Y
12236 Ndls Dbrg Rjdhn Lucknow 17:35 Muzaffarpur Jn 04:00 N Y N N N N N
15610 Avadh Assam Exp Lucknow 18:10 Muzaffarpur Jn 06:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12204 Shc Garib Rath Lucknow 18:50 Muzaffarpur Jn 05:40 N N Y N N Y Y
11124 Gwl Bju Mail Lucknow 20:25 Muzaffarpur Jn 10:38 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12566 Bihar S Kranti Lucknow 22:10 Muzaffarpur Jn 09:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12558 Sapt Kranti Exp Lucknow 22:50 Muzaffarpur Jn 10:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12524 Ndls Njp Sf Exp Lucknow 23:45 Muzaffarpur Jn 10:25 N N Y N N N Y
19601 Udaipur New Japaiguri... Lucknow 23:45 Muzaffarpur Jn 10:25 N N N N N Y N
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About Lucknow City

Often referred to as the ‘City of Nawabs', Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh state. Historically known as the Awadh region, Lucknow has always been a multi-cultural city and centre of attraction for people across the world. Besides its rich culture, the city is famous for its Hindi and Urdu poetry, musical gharanas, exquisite chikan work and delectable cuisines. Despite being a bustling capital city, Lucknow presents a unique combination of its old charm and modernity.

More About - Lucknow To Muzaffarpur Trains

Book your train tickets from lucknow to muzaffarpur. To name some trains that run from lucknow to muzaffarpur are Avadh Assam Exp, Sadhbhawna Exp, Mfp Garib Rath, Avadh Express, Cdg Dbrg Spl, Ghy Rajdhani, Aii Bju Spl, Bagh Express, Bihar S Kranti, Shc Garib Rath and etc. You can board your train from different locations in lucknow like Lucknow. There are different trains that travel from lucknow to muzaffarpur and time taken by these trains varies from 16 hrs 5 mins to 10 hours 25 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Bihar S Kranti, Gwl Bju Mail, Sapt Kranti Exp, Avadh Assam Exp, Vaishali Exp, Ljn Bju Exp, Bagh Express, Asr Kir Express or train that run weekly like Mfp Garib Rath, Sabarmati Exp, Umb Mfp Express, Kavi Guru Exp, Pbr Motihari Ex, Be Dbg Exp Spl, Shc Garib Rath, St Mfp Express, Cdg Dbrg Expres, Aii Kyq Spl etc. There are different pick up points in lucknow from Lucknow( like Ndls Njp Sf Exp, Cdg Dbrg Expres, Umb Mfp Express, Ljn Bju Exp, Avadh Assam Exp, Mfp Garib Rath, St Mfp Express, Sapt Kranti Exp, Bihar S Kranti, Avadh Express ), Alamnagar( like Sadbhavna Exp, Sadhbhawna Exp ).