Available Trains

12779   Goa Express

Jhansi Jn (00:04)Gwalior (01:13)
17305   Nzm Link Exp

Jhansi Jn (00:04)Gwalior (01:19)
12621   Tamil Nadu Exp

Jhansi Jn (00:28)Gwalior (01:37)
12405   Gondwana Expres

Jhansi Jn (00:41)Gwalior (02:27)
12409   Gondwana Expres

Jhansi Jn (00:41)Gwalior (02:27)
12411   Gondwana Expres

Jhansi Jn (01:13)Gwalior (02:40)
12155   Bhopal Express

Jhansi Jn (01:45)Gwalior (02:54)
12723   A P Exp

Jhansi Jn (02:20)Gwalior (03:29)
12121   M P Smprk Krnti

Jhansi Jn (02:40)Gwalior (03:49)
19053   St Mfp Express

Jhansi Jn (03:20)Gwalior (04:30)
14309   Ujjaini Express

Jhansi Jn (03:20)Gwalior (04:30)
15046   Gorakhpur Exp

Jhansi Jn (03:20)Gwalior (04:30)
12627   Karnataka Exp

Jhansi Jn (03:45)Gwalior (04:54)
14313   Bareilly Exp

Jhansi Jn (03:55)Gwalior (05:09)
11101   Kanhan Valle Ex

Jhansi Jn (03:55)Gwalior (05:50)
04011   Snsi Nzm Spl

Jhansi Jn (04:00)Gwalior (05:40)
12189   Mahakaushal Exp

Jhansi Jn (04:10)Gwalior (05:40)
12192   Jbp Ndls Sup Ex

Jhansi Jn (04:17)Gwalior (05:26)
12485   Ned Sgnr Expres

Jhansi Jn (04:55)Gwalior (06:08)
12421   Ned Asr Sup Exp

Jhansi Jn (04:55)Gwalior (06:10)
12715   Sachkhand Exp

Jhansi Jn (05:05)Gwalior (06:25)
12433   Rajdhani Exp

Jhansi Jn (05:31)Gwalior (06:30)
12611   Nzm Garib Rath

Jhansi Jn (05:31)Gwalior (06:30)
18477   Utkal Express

Jhansi Jn (06:45)Gwalior (08:35)
12617   Mangala Ldweep

Jhansi Jn (06:55)Gwalior (08:08)
12625   Kerala Express

Jhansi Jn (07:07)Gwalior (08:25)
11108   Bundelkhand Exp

Jhansi Jn (07:15)Gwalior (08:55)
12647   Kongu Express

Jhansi Jn (07:45)Gwalior (09:05)
07137   Hyb Fzr Spl

Jhansi Jn (07:45)Gwalior (09:10)
18507   Vskp Asr Hkg Ex

Jhansi Jn (08:30)Gwalior (09:45)
12161   Lashkar Express

Jhansi Jn (09:40)Gwalior (10:56)
01187   Ltt Gwl Specia

Jhansi Jn (09:55)Gwalior (11:40)
12807   Samta Express

Jhansi Jn (10:28)Gwalior (11:41)
12803   Swarnajayanti E

Jhansi Jn (10:38)Gwalior (11:56)
12643   Nizamuddin Exp

Jhansi Jn (10:38)Gwalior (11:52)
12645   Nizamuddin Exp

Jhansi Jn (10:38)Gwalior (11:52)
12781   Swarna Jayanthi

Jhansi Jn (10:38)Gwalior (11:58)
12147   Nizamuddin Exp

Jhansi Jn (10:38)Gwalior (12:01)
01435   Pune Agc Specia

Jhansi Jn (11:20)Gwalior (12:35)
18237   Chattisgarh Exp

Jhansi Jn (12:20)Gwalior (13:51)
11077   Jhelum Express

Jhansi Jn (13:52)Gwalior (15:15)
12965   Kurj Udz Sup

Jhansi Jn (13:55)Gwalior (15:45)
19665   Kurj Udz Exp

Jhansi Jn (14:02)Gwalior (15:45)
06687   Ten Jammu Exp

Jhansi Jn (14:05)Gwalior (15:30)
06317   Ten Jammu Exp

Jhansi Jn (14:05)Gwalior (15:30)
01101   Ltt Gwl Spl

Jhansi Jn (14:05)Gwalior (15:35)
04111   Ltt Gwl Spl

Jhansi Jn (14:05)Gwalior (15:35)
12687   Dehradun Exp

Jhansi Jn (14:12)Gwalior (15:30)
16317   Himsagar Exp

Jhansi Jn (14:12)Gwalior (15:30)
16687   Navyug Exp

Jhansi Jn (14:12)Gwalior (15:30)
16787   Ten Jammu Exp

Jhansi Jn (14:12)Gwalior (15:30)
12137   Punjab Mail

Jhansi Jn (14:32)Gwalior (16:00)
16031   Andaman Express

Jhansi Jn (14:55)Gwalior (16:15)
11449   Jammutawi Exp

Jhansi Jn (14:55)Gwalior (16:15)
12279   Taj Express

Jhansi Jn (15:20)Gwalior (16:45)
12175   Chambal Exp

Jhansi Jn (15:40)Gwalior (17:25)
12177   Chambal Exp

Jhansi Jn (15:40)Gwalior (17:25)
11103   Jhs Bdts Exp

Jhansi Jn (16:50)Gwalior (18:25)
12001   Ndls Shatabdi E

Jhansi Jn (17:59)Gwalior (18:59)
22001   Ndls Shatabdi E

Jhansi Jn (18:10)Gwalior (19:15)
11123   Bju Gwl Mail

Jhansi Jn (18:50)Gwalior (21:00)
59386   Panchvalley Pa

Jhansi Jn (19:30)Gwalior (13:51)
11057   Amritsar Expres

Jhansi Jn (20:40)Gwalior (22:10)
12721   Nizamuddin Exp

Jhansi Jn (21:30)Gwalior (22:47)
12861   Link Daksin Exp

Jhansi Jn (21:30)Gwalior (22:47)
12919   Malwa Express

Jhansi Jn (21:57)Gwalior (23:20)
14009   Patalkot Exp

Jhansi Jn (22:35)Gwalior (23:51)
14019   Kanhan Valle Ex

Jhansi Jn (22:35)Gwalior (23:50)
12615   Grand Trunk Exp

Jhansi Jn (23:42)Gwalior (00:51)

About Jhansi City

Jhansi is a city of north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Situated between the Pahunj and Betwa Rivers, the town is famous for bravery, courage and self respect. A historic place, Jhansi is popular as the land of Rani Laxmi Bai also known as ‘Jhansi ki rani', who bravely fought the British. Jhansi is now a major hub of trade and industries like railway workshops and iron and still factories. The city is also home to a number of manufacturing units of brassware, rugs, rubber and silk items. Jhansi Fort erected in early 17th century is the principal attraction of the city. Other places of interest are Rani Mahal, Maha Lakshmi Temple, Uttar Pradesh Government Museum, Panchtantra Park, Public Park, Panchkuian Temple, Ganesh Mandir, Siddeshwar Temple and St. Anthony Cathedral. Jhansi festival, a major cultural event is another attraction of the city.

More About - Jhansi To Gwalior Trains

Book your train tickets from jhansi to gwalior. Some of the trains running on this route are Ujjaini Express, Dehradun Exp, Mangala Ldweep, Vskp Asr Hkg Ex, Bhopal Express, Chambal Exp, St Mfp Express, Ned Sgnr Expres, Sachkhand Exp, A P Exp. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Jhansi Jn. Different trains running from jhansi to gwalior takes time approximately from 2 hrs 10 mins to -6 hours -39 mins. Out of these 28 trains run daily and are Sachkhand Exp, Grand Trunk Exp, Bju Gwl Mail, Bhopal Express, Punjab Mail, Kurj Udz Exp, Taj Express, Kerala Express, Utkal Express, Jbp Ndls Sup Ex and 41 are on weekly basis. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Jhansi Jn( like A P Exp, M P Smprk Krnti, Snsi Nzm Spl, Jhs Bdts Exp, Hyb Fzr Spl, Kurj Udz Exp, Samta Express, Ned Asr Sup Exp, Andaman Express, Mahakaushal Exp ).