Available Trains

13240   Kota Pnbe Exp

Tundla Jn (00:50)Varanasi Jn (11:55)
13238   Kota Pnbe Exp

Tundla Jn (00:50)Varanasi Jn (12:15)
13414   Farkka Express

Tundla Jn (01:58)Varanasi Jn (15:00)
13484   Farakka Express

Tundla Jn (01:58)Varanasi Jn (15:00)
18632   Rnc Garib Nawaz

Tundla Jn (04:30)Varanasi Jn (13:50)
15635   Guwahati Expres

Tundla Jn (14:40)Varanasi Jn (05:35)
15667   Kamakhya Expres

Tundla Jn (14:40)Varanasi Jn (05:35)
19569   Okha Bsb Expres

Tundla Jn (16:55)Varanasi Jn (05:30)
14006   Lichchavi Exp

Tundla Jn (20:22)Varanasi Jn (06:15)
12382   Poorva Express

Tundla Jn (20:40)Varanasi Jn (05:10)
14854   Marudhar Expres

Tundla Jn (22:10)Varanasi Jn (10:30)
14864   Marudhar Expres

Tundla Jn (22:10)Varanasi Jn (08:35)
14866   Marudhar Expres

Tundla Jn (22:10)Varanasi Jn (09:30)

More About - Tundla To Varanasi Trains

Planning to travel from tundla to varanasi via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains running on this route are Kota Pnbe Exp, Rnc Garib Nawaz, Kamakhya Expres, Marudhar Expres, Okha Bsb Expres, Poorva Express, Farkka Express, Farakka Express, Guwahati Expres. You can board your train from different locations in tundla like Tundla Jn. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Lichchavi Exp or train that run sporadically like Guwahati Expres, Farakka Express, Kota Pnbe Exp, Rnc Garib Nawaz, Kamakhya Expres, Okha Bsb Expres, Farkka Express, Marudhar Expres, Poorva Express etc. Get your tickets booked on trains from Tundla Jn( like Farakka Express, Lichchavi Exp, Farkka Express, Poorva Express, Kota Pnbe Exp, Guwahati Expres, Okha Bsb Expres, Marudhar Expres, Rnc Garib Nawaz, Kamakhya Expres ).