Available Trains

58011   Hwh Ckp Pas

Kharagpur Jn (01:50)Adra Jn (05:15)
58013   Hwh Bksc Pass

Kharagpur Jn (01:50)Adra Jn (05:15)
12575   Kgp Prr Exres

Kharagpur Jn (07:25)Adra Jn (10:30)
12883   Rupasibangla Ex

Kharagpur Jn (08:05)Adra Jn (10:51)
12885   Aranyak Express

Kharagpur Jn (09:32)Adra Jn (12:21)
22811   Bbs Rajdhani Ex

Kharagpur Jn (15:55)Adra Jn (18:00)
12815   Nandan Kanan Ex

Kharagpur Jn (17:35)Adra Jn (20:35)
12827   Hwh Prr Exp

Kharagpur Jn (18:32)Adra Jn (21:20)
12950   Pbr Kaviguru Ex

Kharagpur Jn (23:05)Adra Jn (01:50)
12152   Samarsata Exp

Kharagpur Jn (23:05)Adra Jn (01:50)

More About - Kharagpur To Adra Trains

Planning to travel from kharagpur to adra via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. To name some trains that run from kharagpur to adra are Hwh Prr Exp, Hwh Bksc Pass, Pbr Kaviguru Ex, Kgp Prr Exres, Aranyak Express, Rupasibangla Ex, Bbs Rajdhani Ex, Samarsata Exp, Nandan Kanan Ex, Hwh Ckp Pas and etc. There are different starting junctions like Kharagpur Jn. Choose trains between kharagpur to adra with time approximately from 3 hrs 25 mins to 2 hours 5 mins. Out of these 4 trains run daily and are Hwh Ckp Pas, Hwh Prr Exp, Hwh Bksc Pass, Rupasibangla Ex and 6 are on weekly basis. There are different trains passing from various stations from kharagpur like from Kharagpur Jn( like Hwh Prr Exp, Samarsata Exp, Hwh Bksc Pass, Nandan Kanan Ex, Pbr Kaviguru Ex, Bbs Rajdhani Ex, Aranyak Express, Hwh Ckp Pas, Kgp Prr Exres, Rupasibangla Ex ).