Available Trains

11070   Tulsi Express

Jhansi Jn (00:30)Lalitpur (01:32)
12533   Pushpak Exp

Jhansi Jn (01:45)Lalitpur (02:47)
05023   Gkp Pune Spl

Jhansi Jn (02:15)Lalitpur (03:19)
12920   Malwa Express

Jhansi Jn (02:35)Lalitpur (03:58)
12108   Ljn Ltt Express

Jhansi Jn (03:40)Lalitpur (05:02)
12184   Pbh Bpl Express

Jhansi Jn (03:50)Lalitpur (04:52)
12194   Pbh Bpl Sf Exp

Jhansi Jn (04:00)Lalitpur (05:02)
19314   Indore Express

Jhansi Jn (04:37)Lalitpur (05:50)
11058   Asr Ltt Express

Jhansi Jn (05:00)Lalitpur (06:39)
12722   Dakshin Express

Jhansi Jn (05:30)Lalitpur (06:53)
19166   Sabarmati Exp

Jhansi Jn (05:45)Lalitpur (07:09)
19168   Sabarmati Exp

Jhansi Jn (05:45)Lalitpur (07:08)
07138   Fzr Hyb Spl

Jhansi Jn (06:25)Lalitpur (07:35)
11016   Kushinagar Exp

Jhansi Jn (07:20)Lalitpur (08:30)
12138   Punjab Mail

Jhansi Jn (12:35)Lalitpur (13:44)
18238   Chhatisgarh Exp

Jhansi Jn (13:20)Lalitpur (14:46)
12808   Samta Express

Jhansi Jn (14:45)Lalitpur (15:47)
18508   Hirakund Exp

Jhansi Jn (15:05)Lalitpur (16:07)
01188   Gwl Ltt Spl

Jhansi Jn (15:45)Lalitpur (16:56)
04115   Ald Ltt Spl

Jhansi Jn (16:30)Lalitpur (17:39)
01102   Gwl Ltt Special

Jhansi Jn (16:45)Lalitpur (17:56)
04112   Gwl Ltt Exp

Jhansi Jn (16:45)Lalitpur (17:56)
12591   Gkp Ypr Express

Jhansi Jn (17:00)Lalitpur (18:02)
12589   Gkp Sc Express

Jhansi Jn (17:00)Lalitpur (18:02)
12511   Rapti Sagar Exp

Jhansi Jn (17:00)Lalitpur (18:02)
12521   Rapti Sagar Exp

Jhansi Jn (17:00)Lalitpur (18:03)
11078   Jhelum Express

Jhansi Jn (17:23)Lalitpur (18:30)
18478   Kalingautkalexp

Jhansi Jn (19:28)Lalitpur (20:38)
59386   Panchvalley Pa

Jhansi Jn (19:30)Lalitpur (17:38)
14020   Kahanvally Exp

Jhansi Jn (19:38)Lalitpur (20:49)
14010   Patalkot Exp

Jhansi Jn (19:38)Lalitpur (20:49)
12716   Asr Ned Express

Jhansi Jn (19:58)Lalitpur (21:00)
12191   Ndls Jbp Sup Ex

Jhansi Jn (20:50)Lalitpur (22:02)
14310   Ujjaiyani Exp

Jhansi Jn (21:35)Lalitpur (23:52)
12412   Gondwana Expres

Jhansi Jn (22:05)Lalitpur (23:07)
12410   Gondwana Expres

Jhansi Jn (22:05)Lalitpur (23:07)
12406   Gondwana Expres

Jhansi Jn (22:05)Lalitpur (23:07)
16094   Ljn Mas Exp

Jhansi Jn (22:15)Lalitpur (23:17)
15023   Gkp Ypr Exp

Jhansi Jn (22:15)Lalitpur (23:22)
05025   Gkp Ypr Spl

Jhansi Jn (22:20)Lalitpur (23:23)
05031   Gkp Ltt Spl

Jhansi Jn (22:20)Lalitpur (23:24)
01436   Agc Pune Sf Sp

Jhansi Jn (23:20)Lalitpur (00:23)
11102   Kanhan Valley

Jhansi Jn (23:50)Lalitpur (00:51)

About Jhansi City

Jhansi is a city of north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Situated between the Pahunj and Betwa Rivers, the town is famous for bravery, courage and self respect. A historic place, Jhansi is popular as the land of Rani Laxmi Bai also known as ‘Jhansi ki rani', who bravely fought the British. Jhansi is now a major hub of trade and industries like railway workshops and iron and still factories. The city is also home to a number of manufacturing units of brassware, rugs, rubber and silk items. Jhansi Fort erected in early 17th century is the principal attraction of the city. Other places of interest are Rani Mahal, Maha Lakshmi Temple, Uttar Pradesh Government Museum, Panchtantra Park, Public Park, Panchkuian Temple, Ganesh Mandir, Siddeshwar Temple and St. Anthony Cathedral. Jhansi festival, a major cultural event is another attraction of the city.

More About - Jhansi To Lalitpur Trains

Are you looking for a train from jhansi to lalitpur? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Some of the trains that run on this route are Gkp Sc Express, Pbh Bpl Express, Sabarmati Exp, Indore Express, Gondwana Expres, Pbh Bpl Sf Exp, Kahanvally Exp, Kalingautkalexp, Gkp Ypr Spl and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Jhansi Jn. Choose trains between jhansi to lalitpur with time approximately from 2 hrs 17 mins to -2 hours -52 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Malwa Express, Dakshin Express, Jhelum Express, Pushpak Exp, Punjab Mail, Kushinagar Exp, Chhatisgarh Exp, Gondwana Expres, Asr Ltt Express, Kalingautkalexp or some weekly trains like Gkp Ltt Spl, Gwl Ltt Special, Samta Express, Fzr Hyb Spl, Ujjaiyani Exp, Gwl Ltt Spl, Ljn Ltt Express, Gkp Ypr Exp, Gkp Ypr Express, Rapti Sagar Exp and etc. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Jhansi Jn( like Agc Pune Sf Sp, Pushpak Exp, Ujjaiyani Exp, Patalkot Exp, Hirakund Exp, Ald Ltt Spl, Samta Express, Panchvalley Pa, Dakshin Express, Ljn Ltt Express ).