Available Trains

19707   Aravali Express

Navsari (00:23)Surat (00:57)
12901   Gujarat Mail

Navsari (01:36)Surat (02:10)
16508   Jodhpur Express

Navsari (02:16)Surat (03:10)
16334   Veraval Express

Navsari (02:21)Surat (03:05)
16338   Okha Express

Navsari (02:21)Surat (03:08)
11090   Pune Jodhpur Ex

Navsari (03:04)Surat (03:50)
11096   Ahimsa Express

Navsari (03:04)Surat (03:50)
11088   Pune Veraval Ex

Navsari (03:04)Surat (03:50)
11092   Pune Bhuj Exp

Navsari (03:04)Surat (03:50)
11050   Ahmedabad Exp

Navsari (03:04)Surat (03:50)
19019   Dehradun Exp

Navsari (04:04)Surat (04:40)
09620   Bdts Aii Urs Sp

Navsari (04:20)Surat (05:10)
09561   Bdts Okha Spl

Navsari (04:27)Surat (05:20)
19109   Gujarat Queen

Navsari (04:50)Surat (05:38)
59441   Ahmedabad Pass

Navsari (05:07)Surat (06:05)
09055   Mao Brc Specia

Navsari (07:57)Surat (08:40)
09413   Mao Adi Ac Spl

Navsari (08:02)Surat (08:45)
19011   Gujarat Express

Navsari (09:54)Surat (10:28)
12935   Bdts Surat Exp

Navsari (10:30)Surat (11:10)
19023   Fzr Janata Exp

Navsari (12:27)Surat (13:27)
19215   Saurashtra Exp

Navsari (13:10)Surat (14:10)
09415   Mao Adi Special

Navsari (14:17)Surat (15:10)
12925   Paschim Express

Navsari (15:08)Surat (15:42)
12911   Bl Haridwar Exp

Navsari (16:10)Surat (16:45)
12989   Ajmer Express

Navsari (17:48)Surat (18:22)
04728   Bdts Bkn Sup Sp

Navsari (17:53)Surat (18:25)
09419   Ahmedabad Exp

Navsari (18:04)Surat (18:43)
19115   Bdts Bhuj Exp

Navsari (18:26)Surat (19:03)
59439   Ahmadabad Pass

Navsari (19:25)Surat (20:49)
19131   Kutch Express

Navsari (21:01)Surat (21:37)
19017   Sau Janata Exp

Navsari (21:22)Surat (21:57)
12921   Flying Ranee

Navsari (21:42)Surat (22:35)
12961   Avantika Exp

Navsari (22:27)Surat (23:00)
19055   Bl Jodhpur Exp

Navsari (23:12)Surat (23:45)
19143   Lok Shakti Exp

Navsari (23:36)Surat (00:22)

More About - Navsari To Surat Trains

Planning to travel from navsari to surat via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. To name some trains that run from navsari to surat are Okha Express, Mao Brc Specia, Gujarat Queen, Paschim Express, Mao Adi Ac Spl, Pune Bhuj Exp, Bdts Bkn Sup Sp, Bdts Aii Urs Sp, Dehradun Exp, Sau Janata Exp and etc. The train starts from various stations in navsari like Navsari. Different trains running from navsari to surat takes time approximately from 1 hrs 24 mins to 0 hours 32 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Aravali Express, Gujarat Queen, Bdts Surat Exp, Dehradun Exp, Lok Shakti Exp, Sau Janata Exp, Fzr Janata Exp, Bdts Bhuj Exp, Ahmadabad Pass, Ahmedabad Pass or train that run weekly like Bdts Bkn Sup Sp, Ahimsa Express, Ahmedabad Exp, Mao Adi Ac Spl, Okha Express, Bdts Aii Urs Sp, Bdts Okha Spl, Pune Jodhpur Ex, Pune Veraval Ex, Bl Haridwar Exp etc. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Navsari( like Bdts Okha Spl, Okha Express, Gujarat Mail, Gujarat Queen, Dehradun Exp, Pune Jodhpur Ex, Jodhpur Express, Pune Bhuj Exp, Ahmedabad Exp, Mao Brc Specia ).