Available Trains

04055   Ndls Ddn Ac Sp

Ghaziabad (00:40)Dehradun (05:40)
12205   Ndls Ddn Ac Exp

Ghaziabad (00:40)Dehradun (05:40)
19019   Dehradun Exp

Sahibabad (06:13)Dehradun (17:35)
12017   Dehradun Shtbdi

Ghaziabad (07:27)Dehradun (12:40)
19565   Uttaranchal Exp

Ghaziabad (11:42)Dehradun (19:05)
14317   Ind Ddn Express

Ghaziabad (12:10)Dehradun (19:05)
14309   Ujjaini Express

Ghaziabad (12:10)Dehradun (19:05)
12287   Dehradun Exp

Ghaziabad (14:07)Dehradun (22:10)
12055   Ddn Janshtbdi

Ghaziabad (16:02)Dehradun (21:10)
12687   Dehradun Exp

Ghaziabad (21:58)Dehradun (05:00)
14041   Mussoorie Exp

Ghaziabad (23:04)Dehradun (08:10)

About Dehradun City

 Dehradun is the capital city of north Indian state of Uttaranchal. Situated in the Doon valley, at the foothills of Himalayas, Dehradun is one of the most picturesque hill resorts of India. Dehradun is a favoured destination for tourists and the pilgrims alike.  One of the oldest cities of India, Dehradun has its connection with great epic Ramayana. Legend has it, Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmand did penance at Dehradun to kill demon king Ravana. Developed by the British as en elite town, Dehradun is home to many important institutions like Forest Research Institute, Survey of India and Indian Military Academy. Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Robber's Cave, Dakpathar Barrage, Malsi Deer Park, Tapovan and Sahasradhara are some of the popular places of tourist interest in and around Dehradun. 

More About - Ghaziabad To Dehradun Trains

If you are travelling from ghaziabad to dehradun then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains that run on this route are Ndls Ddn Ac Exp, Uttaranchal Exp, Dehradun Shtbdi, Ddn Janshtbdi, Dehradun Exp, Ndls Ddn Ac Sp, Mussoorie Exp, Ind Ddn Express and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Ghaziabad, Sahibabad. Choose trains between ghaziabad to dehradun with time approximately from 11 hrs 22 mins to 5 hours 0 mins. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Ndls Ddn Ac Exp, Ddn Janshtbdi, Dehradun Shtbdi, Dehradun Exp, Mussoorie Exp or trains that run weekly like Ujjaini Express, Ind Ddn Express, Ndls Ddn Ac Sp, Uttaranchal Exp, Dehradun Exp and etc. There are different trains passing from various stations from ghaziabad like from Ghaziabad( like Dehradun Shtbdi, Ind Ddn Express, Ndls Ddn Ac Exp, Ujjaini Express, Dehradun Exp, Ddn Janshtbdi, Mussoorie Exp, Uttaranchal Exp, Ndls Ddn Ac Sp ), Sahibabad( like Dehradun Exp ).