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Since there is no scarcity of hotels in Dehradun, travellers can easily find accommodation in this hill station. Tourists who want a royal treatment can check in a luxurious hotel and those searching for affordable lodging can choose any of the Dehradun budget hotels. Providing customised services, these hotels ensure that guests feel uncomfortable while staying there. Those who are planning to visit this destination in summers are advised to book the hotel in advance as numerous travellers throng this city during this season. For more information on Dehradun hotels, please go through
Lakshmi Guest House
Just 1.5 km from Dehradun Railway Station and 9 km from Robber's Cave, Lakshmi Guest House offers high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. Lakshmi G... more »
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Lakshmi Guest House-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Dehradun Lakshmi Guest House-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Dehradun Lakshmi Guest House-Room_1.jpg, Dehradun Lakshmi Guest House-Room_2.jpg, Dehradun Lakshmi Guest House-Room_3.jpg, Dehradun
Hotel Aketa
Located on Rajpur Road, close to the main market, 7 km from Railway Station, Conference Facility, Spa, Health Club Aketa is the Hotel with... more »
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Aketa Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Dehradun Aketa Hotel-Aketa-Hotel-Daehradun-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Dehradun Aketa Hotel-Aketa-Hotel-Dehradun-Ac-Regular.jpg, Dehradun Aketa Hotel-Aketa-Hotel-Dehradun-Ac-Superior.jpg, Dehradun Aketa Hotel-Room__1.jpg, Dehradun
Queens Pearl Inn
5.8 km from Dehradun Railway Station, 600 m from Inter State Bus Terminal, 800 m from City Junction Mall, 2.2 km from Clement Town Lake, 9.7... more »
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Queens Pearl Inn-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Dehradun Queens Pearl Inn-Queens-Pearl-Inn-Dehradun-Pearl-Ac-Room.jpg, Dehradun Queens Pearl Inn-Queens-Pearl-Inn-Dehradun-Pearl-Ac-Family.jpg, Dehradun Queens Pearl Inn-Queens-Pearl-Inn-Dehradun-Pearl-Ac-Double.jpg, Dehradun Queens Pearl Inn-Queens-Pearl-Inn-Dehradun-Pearl-Ac-Single.jpg, Dehradun
Doon Castle
3.1 km from Dehradun Railway Station, 7.6 km from Tapkeshwar Temple, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Coffee shop, Conference room, Banquet facil... more »
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Doon  Castle-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Dehradun Doon  Castle-Doon-Castle-Dehradun-King-Room.jpg, Dehradun Doon  Castle-Doon-Castle-Dehradun-Castle-Room.jpg, Dehradun Doon  Castle-Doon-Castle-Dehradun-Queen-Room.jpg, Dehradun Doon  Castle-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Dehradun
The Solitaire
About 6 km from Dehradun railway station, The Solitaire offers swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, conference and banquet halls, and free Wi... more »
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The Solitaire-The-Solitaire-Dehradun-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Dehradun The Solitaire-_Exterior_View_.jpg, Dehradun The Solitaire-Dehradun-Executive-Suite.jpg, Dehradun The Solitaire-Dehradun-Platinum.jpg, Dehradun The Solitaire-Dehradun-Venus.jpg, Dehradun
Hotel Annexe
Just 7 km away from Dehradun Railway Station, 1.8 km from Central Park, 3 km from Ramakrishna Ashram, Gym and Spa Hotel Madhuban Annex is v... more »
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Hotel Madhuban Annexe-Hotel-Madhuban-Annexe-Dehradun-Singlele-Room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Madhuban Annexe-Hotel-Madhuban-Annexe-Dehradun-Double-Room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Madhuban Annexe-Hotel-Madhuban-Annexe-Dehradun-Family-Room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Annexe-Annex Regular Room_room1379915642061.jpg, Dehradun
Hotel Crown Royale
2.9 km from Inter State Bus Terminal, 3.8 km from Dehradun Railway Station, 3.8 km from Ghanta Ghar, In-house multi-cuisine and rooftop gard... more »
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Hotel Crown Royale-Exterior_View.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Crown Royale-200x150_Hotel_Crown_Royale_Dehradun_Room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Crown Royale-Hotel-Crown-Royale-Dehradun-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Crown Royale-Corridor.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Crown Royale-Reception.jpg, Dehradun
The Central Hotel
Located at a 5-minute drive from the railway station, The Central Hotel offers business centre, Wi-Fi, multi-cuisine restaurant and meeting ... more »
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The Central Hotel-Reception_1.jpg, Dehradun The Central Hotel-The-Central-Hotel-Dehradun-Superior-Room.jpg, Dehradun The Central Hotel-The-Central-Hotel-Dehradun-Executive-Room.jpg, Dehradun The Central Hotel-Corriodor_1.jpg, Dehradun The Central Hotel-Corriodor_2.jpg, Dehradun
Hotel Madhuban
Offering facilities like health spa, restaurant, bar and conference room, Hotel Madhuban is just 10 minutes away from Dehradun railway stati... more »
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Hotel Madhuban-Imperial Room 1_room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Madhuban-Hotel_Complex.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Madhuban-Standard_Room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Madhuban-Suite.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Madhuban-Restaurant.jpg, Dehradun
Grand Legacy
Located near Lal Pull, 3.3 km from the Railway Station, 4.7 km from FRI, 3.1 km from Bus Stand, Multi-cuisine restaurant The hotel is cen... more »
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Grand Legacy-Hote_Entrance.jpg, Dehradun Grand Legacy-Room_1.jpg, Dehradun Grand Legacy-Room_2.jpg, Dehradun Grand Legacy-Corridor.jpg, Dehradun Grand Legacy-Room_3.jpg, Dehradun
Hotel Great Value
Situated 7.4 km from Dehradun railway station, Hotel Great Value features a business centre, multi-cuisine restaurant and Wi-Fi access. St... more »
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Hotel Great Value-Entrance.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Great Value-Lobby.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Great Value-Restaurant.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Great Value-Bar.jpg, Dehradun
Wonderfully situated in the picturesque Doon Valley, Hotel Inderlok has a total of 45 rooms with attached bathrooms. Hotel Inderlok is 26 ... more »
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Inderlok-Exterior_View.jpg, Dehradun Inderlok-Room_1.jpg, Dehradun Inderlok-Room_2.jpg, Dehradun Inderlok-Room_3.jpg, Dehradun Inderlok-Room_4.jpg, Dehradun
Hotel Meedo's Grand
An enclave of peace and tranquillity, Hotel Meedo's Grand is set amidst manicured lawns and landscaped gardens. An environment friendly hote... more »
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Hotel Meedo's Grand-Room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Meedo's Grand-Recpetion.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Meedo's Grand-Restaurant.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Meedo's Grand-Reception.jpg, Dehradun Exterior Image
Hotel Classic International
Hotel Classic International offers all comforts and conveniences required by business travellers as well as leisure travellers! Hotel Class... more »
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Hotel Classic International-Exterior_View.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Classic International-Room.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Classic International-Sitting_Area.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Classic International-Dining_Area.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Classic International-Reception_cum_Lobby.jpg, Dehradun
Hotel Deepshikha
Located on Raipur Road in Dehradun, Hotel Deepshikha is a 1 Star hotel that offers basic and comfortable accommodation to both business and ... more »
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Hotel Deepshikha-front view of deepshika.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Deepshikha-deep i.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Deepshikha-deepshikha-hotel_w.jpg, Dehradun Hotel Deepshikha-0000030771RD.jpg, Dehradun Exterior Image
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Dehradun Overview: Hotels in Dehradun

Dehradun is a hub of activity. While in Dehradun you can really enjoy your holiday by visiting many places in and around the city. When you choose to take a break in Dehradun there are many things to see and do. You can go sightseeing by road or go walking in the area you are in Dehradun. There are many ways you can reach Dehradun. Dehradun is accessible by road from nearby towns. When you are visiting Dehradun next, you can come here for a family holiday, weekend break and general vacation tour. Take a break from the activities of daily life and head to Dehradun. A holiday here will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Being amongst the oldest cities of India, Dehradun has it all for the travelling enthusiasts, elegance and bright nature acts as means of attraction for the visitors. A momentous town in the lap of the magnificent Himalayas, Dehradun is now the capital of the Uttarakhand. An extensive city, which is dappled with quaint places, lures the tourists. These places include incoherent gardens, parks, well-regarded temples and lush green landscapes. Dehradun is a city known to be amongst the hub for studies and information. Its well-known academic institutions have received worldwide appreciation and some are here right from the British rule.


This picturesque city is a perfect spot for those who really love to face adventurous challenges in their lives. Dehradun hotels are surrounded by forested woods which provide great escapades in this hill station. Dehradun hotels provide means to enjoy various adventure sports like paragliding, skiing and river rafting. A tour in Dehradun and a splendid stay in the hotels in Dehradun provide one with cherished memories of flawless sceneries that would stay with you all life. It is quite sure that the garrulous streams, subterranean ravines, gleaming valleys and the mountain ranges of this hilly resort would inadvertently take your breath away. With its zigzag roads, rising and falling hills, the lush green valleys and colorful fruit orchards, Dehradun looks astonishingly vivacious and tender. Hotels in Dehradun make this trip more auspicious and full of fun with their classy service and food. Food lovers will find this place full of different cuisines as it is located amidst 3 states, U.P, Himachal and Haryana. So, book Dehradun hotels and take a bumpy ride to this beautiful destination. Owing to the year round rush, many budget Dehradun hotels are also there which provide good services. Various budget Dehradun hotels are available at reasonable prices. Cheap Dehradun hotels are also available as many schools and colleges also come here for picnic.


Cheap Dehradun hotels provide facilities which are good for one day/night stay. Book Dehradun hotels at Make my trip provide services with information of attractions and reasonable prices to book Dehradun hotels.


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