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Hotel Temple Tower
Located 2 kilometres from Floating Stone, Hotel Temple Tower features 10 well-furnished and comfortable rooms equipped with modern conven... more »
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Hotel Temple Tower-Hotel_Temple_Tower_Rameshwaram_Double_Bed_Room_room.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Temple Tower-Hotel_Temple_Tower_Rameshwaram_Triple_Bed_Room_room.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Temple Tower-Hotel_Temple_Tower_Rameshwaram_Four_Bed_Room_room.jpg, Rameshwaram
Hotel MCM Towers
Located 2.4 km from Rameshwaram Railway Station, Hotel MCM Towers features Wi-Fi access and kitchen facility. Close to Rameshwaram Railway... more »
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Hotel MCM Towers-200x150_Hotel_MCM_Towers_Four_Bed_Room.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel MCM Towers-200x150_Hotel_MCM_Towers_Triple_Bed_Room.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel MCM Towers-Exterior_View.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel MCM Towers-_Room_.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel MCM Towers-Room_1.jpg, Rameshwaram
Daiwik Hotel
900 m from Rameshwaram Railway Station, 300 m from Sethu Madhava Theertham, Spa, Meeting room, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Coffee shop. Daiw... more »
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Daiwik Hotel-Daiwik-Hotel-One-Bedroom-Suite.jpg, Rameshwaram Daiwik Hotel-Daiwik-Hotel-Rameshwaram-Superior-Room.jpg, Rameshwaram Daiwik Hotel-Daiwik-Hotel-Rameshwaram-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Rameshwaram Daiwik Hotel-Suite.jpg, Rameshwaram
Hotel Pearl Residency
The hotel offers 26 well-appointed, modern and elegant rooms equipped with air-conditioning, cable television, DVD player, intercom facilit... more »
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Hotel Pearl Residency-Restaurant.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Pearl Residency-Restaurant_2.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Pearl Residency-Restaurant_3.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Pearl Residency-IMG_0123_room.jpg, Rameshwaram
Hotel Brindavan Residency
Ramanathaswamy Temple is just 5 minute walk from Hotel Brindavan Residency. Hotel features comfortable and elegant rooms equipped with air-... more »
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Hotel Brindavan Residency-Reception.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Brindavan Residency-Room2.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Brindavan Residency-Room3.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Brindavan Residency-Room4.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Brindavan Residency-Room5.jpg, Rameshwaram
Hotel Vinayaga
Hotel Vinayaga is just 2 minute walk from Railway station. 300 m from Ramanatha Swami Temple, 450 m from Rama Teertham, 1.4 km from railway... more »
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Hotel Vinayaga -Exterior_View_1.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Vinayaga -Hotel-Vinayaga-Rameshwaram-Double-Deluxe-Sea-View-Room.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Vinayaga -Exterior_View_2.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Vinayaga -Hotel_Entrance_1.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Vinayaga -Hotel_Entrance_2.jpg, Rameshwaram
Hotel Queen Palace
Hotel Queen Palace is located minutes away from the railway station and Ramanathaswamy Temple. It features restaurant and multi-purpose hall... more »
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Hotel Queen Palace-Exterior_view.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Queen Palace-200x150_Hotel_Queen_Palace_Rameshwaram_Double_Bed_Room.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Queen Palace-200x150_Hotel_Queen_Palace_Rameshwaram_Triple_Bed_Room.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Queen Palace-Banquet.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Queen Palace-Double_Bed_Room_1.jpg, Rameshwaram
Hotel Supreme
Hotel Supreme is just 550 m away from Ramanathaswamy Temple and 1.7 km from Rameshwaram Railway Station. Lying within walking distance fro... more »
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Hotel Supreme-Exterior_Cum_Entrance.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Supreme-200x150_Hotel_Supreme_Rameshwaram_Room.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Supreme-Reception.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Supreme-Reception_Cum_Lobby_1.jpg, Rameshwaram Hotel Supreme-Reception_Cum_Lobby_2.jpg, Rameshwaram
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Hotels in Rameshwaram | Find 16 Rameshwaram Hotels Online | Book Budget, Cheap & Star Hotels in Rameshwaram, India

Rameshwaram Overview: Hotels in Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram is one of the most sacred cities of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most well-known pilgrim places in the state and is situated on a stunning island in the southern region of the country. Since it is situated on the border area, it is separated by a small Pamban channel from Sri Lanka. The city is regarded as the holiest pilgrimages for the Hindus and this is the reason that large number of devotees come here to offer sacred prayer to Lord Rama. As per Hindu mythology, Rameshwaram is the place where Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea to Sri Lanka. Lord Shiva is also worshipped here. Ravana was killed here in this city and therefore it has a great impact on the Hindus. The city is also popular as the Varanasi of southern India. Since it has so religious value, once in a lifetime, Hindus or the followers of Lord Rama must visit the place to explore more.


It has also developed tourism in the city and large number of pilgrims and other visitors come here to discover it more different part of the country. In fact, foreigners are also found visiting around the place all around the year. There are many hotels in Rameshwaram which provide outstanding facilities to the tourists. Starting from simple and cheap Rameshwaram hotels to deluxe and luxurious Rameshwaram hotels are there in the city to cater each class of people. It helps the visitors to stay in the city without caring much about the accommodation and expenses.


However, one can also book Rameshwaram hotels on the web and can reach the city without worrying about the accommodation. Numbers of budget Rameshwaram hotels are there in the city that offers excellent amenities to the guests. Each class of people is entertained and treated with better facilities in the city. You can manage to travel all around the city in a low budget as the accommodation, transportation etc. are not very expensive and are easily affordable by all.


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