Shiv Ganga Exp - 12559

This train is not currently operational and runs only in certain seasons. We regret for your inconvenience.
Station Name (Code) Arrives Departs Stop time Day Distance
Varanasi Jn (BSB) Starts 19:15 - 1 0 km
Manduadih (MUV) 19:23 19:25 2 min 1 4 km
Allahabad Jn (ALD) 22:05 22:30 25 min 1 125 km
Kanpur Central (CNB) 01:10 01:15 5 min 2 319 km
New Delhi (NDLS) 07:40 Ends - 2 758 km

Train Shiv Ganga Exp - 12559 from Varanasi Jn to New Delhi passes through following stations:

Varanasi Jn, Manduadih, Allahabad Jn, Kanpur Central, New Delhi

More About - Shiv Ganga Exp – 12559

Train Shiv Ganga Exp – 12559 travels from Varanasi Jn to New Delhi. Train Shiv Ganga Exp passes 5 stations which are New Delhi, Varanasi Jn, Allahabad Jn, Manduadih, Kanpur Central. Varanasi Jn is the starting junction for train Shiv Ganga Exp. Train Shiv Ganga Expending point is New Delhi. Shiv Ganga Exp covers total distance of 758 kms.