Allahabad Jn To New Delhi Ndls Duronto Ex - 12275

Station Name (Code) Arrives Departs Stop time Day Distance
Allahabad Jn (ALD) Starts 22:40 - 1 0 km
New Delhi (NDLS) 06:05 Ends - 2 634 km

Train Ndls Duronto Ex - 12275 from Allahabad Jn to New Delhi passes through following stations:

Allahabad Jn, New Delhi

More About - Ndls Duronto Ex – 12275

Know about train Ndls Duronto Ex, 12275 that is travelling from Allahabad Jnto New Delhi. Total stations are 2 that train Ndls Duronto Ex passes .They are namely Allahabad Jn, New Delhi. Its starting point is from Allahabad Jn. Train Ndls Duronto Ex ends at New Delhi. Total distance travelled by Train Ndls Duronto Ex is 634 kms.