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Shree Guest House, Harihareshwar

Rs 1440

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Sea Coast, Harihareshwar

Rs 2400

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Shiv Shanti Holiday Inn, Harihareshwar

Stayed in ground floor room, decent size, decor better than average, though set top box is placed in unsafe position - got knocked thrice by it; rooms offer no views. Shrivardhan beach was nice with a promenade, relatively quiet, has functional washroom for bathers. It's a black sand beach and the water looks murky, the black sand sticks on you but it's not dirty really. Best thing about the hotel was the huge lawn, swimming pool and children's park. Worst the "free" breakfast, service.


Family Traveller

Rs 3485

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Shree Ganesh Beach Resort-Dive agar, Harihareshwar

There are total 18 cottages. Location is good, 2 mins walking distance from beach. After Exotica resort this is the second best resort in Diveagar I believe. There are no facilities apart from central playing/sitout area. Staff is courteous, and happy to help. You will get service only if you demand for it. No complaints as such. Food was good but costly. Its not value for money. I believe there are some MSEB issues in that area which has resulted in increased cost. , generators run continuously for 24*7 electricity supply.


Family Traveller

Rs 3500

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Rajas Holiday Home, Harihareshwar

Rs 1200

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Shiv Shrushti Resort, Harihareshwar

Rs 1500

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