Available Trains

57457   Kakinada Psgr

Tirupati (01:05)Vijayawada Jn (12:00)
12864   Ypr Howrah Exp

Tirupati (02:35)Vijayawada Jn (09:25)
12625   Kerala Express

Tirupati (03:57)Vijayawada Jn (10:00)
17405   Krishna Express

Tirupati (05:25)Vijayawada Jn (13:15)
08638   Ypr Hatia Exp

Tirupati (07:32)Vijayawada Jn (14:15)
12643   Nizamuddin Exp

Tirupati (07:35)Vijayawada Jn (14:15)
12645   Nizamuddin Exp

Tirupati (07:35)Vijayawada Jn (14:15)
06317   Ten Jammu Exp

Tirupati (09:10)Vijayawada Jn (16:00)
06687   Ten Jammu Exp

Tirupati (09:10)Vijayawada Jn (16:00)
16787   Ten Jammu Exp

Tirupati (09:35)Vijayawada Jn (16:10)
16687   Navyug Exp

Tirupati (09:35)Vijayawada Jn (16:10)
16317   Himsagar Exp

Tirupati (09:35)Vijayawada Jn (16:10)
12659   Gurudev Express

Tirupati (09:35)Vijayawada Jn (16:10)
08004   Mys Howrah Exp

Renigunta Jn (10:25)Vijayawada Jn (16:45)
08578   Qln Vskp Expres

Renigunta Jn (10:30)Vijayawada Jn (17:00)
17480   Tpty Puri Exp

Tirupati (10:35)Vijayawada Jn (18:30)
17482   Tpty Bsp Exp

Tirupati (10:35)Vijayawada Jn (18:30)
08570   Qln Vskp Exp

Tirupati (12:00)Vijayawada Jn (19:05)
16359   Ers Patna Exp

Tirupati (12:30)Vijayawada Jn (20:05)
22880   Tpty Bbs Sf Ex

Tirupati (12:45)Vijayawada Jn (19:10)
07165   Hyderabad Exp

Tirupati (13:25)Vijayawada Jn (20:10)
08472   Tpty Bbs Spl

Tirupati (14:00)Vijayawada Jn (22:05)
12836   Ypr Hatia Exp

Tirupati (14:40)Vijayawada Jn (21:40)
12890   Ypr Tata Exp

Tirupati (14:40)Vijayawada Jn (21:35)
12846   Bhubaneshwar Ex

Tirupati (14:40)Vijayawada Jn (21:40)
22852   Src Vivek Exp

Tirupati (14:40)Vijayawada Jn (21:40)
08636   Ypr Hatia Exp

Renigunta Jn (15:10)Vijayawada Jn (22:00)
08562   Ru Vskp Spl

Renigunta Jn (15:15)Vijayawada Jn (22:00)
07110   Hyderabad Exp

Renigunta Jn (16:20)Vijayawada Jn (23:10)
12763   Padmavathi Exp

Tirupati (17:00)Vijayawada Jn (23:25)
12539   Ypr Lucknow Exp

Renigunta Jn (17:05)Vijayawada Jn (22:55)
07212   Kakinadatown Ex

Tirupati (18:10)Vijayawada Jn (00:05)
07218   Narsapur Exp

Tirupati (18:45)Vijayawada Jn (02:00)
17401   Tpty Mtm Ns Exp

Tirupati (19:40)Vijayawada Jn (02:15)
08056   Tpty Shm Sf Spl

Tirupati (19:45)Vijayawada Jn (02:40)
12868   Pdy Howrah Exp

Tirupati (19:50)Vijayawada Jn (02:40)
22856   Tpty Src Sup Ex

Tirupati (19:55)Vijayawada Jn (02:40)
17209   Seshadri Expres

Tirupati (20:00)Vijayawada Jn (02:45)
17487   Tirumala Exp

Tirupati (20:50)Vijayawada Jn (03:20)
07406   Tpty Awb Spl

Tirupati (21:15)Vijayawada Jn (03:55)
07216   Qln Mtm Express

Tirupati (21:25)Vijayawada Jn (05:20)
02852   Santragachi Exp

Renigunta Jn (21:40)Vijayawada Jn (04:00)
22620   Ten Bilaspur Ex

Renigunta Jn (21:45)Vijayawada Jn (03:55)
12788   Ten Bilaspur Ex

Renigunta Jn (21:45)Vijayawada Jn (03:55)
22816   Ers Bilaspur Ex

Renigunta Jn (21:45)Vijayawada Jn (03:55)
07214   Qln Bza Express

Tirupati (22:05)Vijayawada Jn (05:30)
02761   Tpty Krmr Spl

Tirupati (22:40)Vijayawada Jn (05:05)

More About - Tirupati To Vijayawada Trains

Planning to travel from tirupati to vijayawada via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. To name some trains that run from tirupati to vijayawada are Ten Bilaspur Ex, Kakinadatown Ex, Src Vivek Exp, Qln Mtm Express, Qln Vskp Expres, Hyderabad Exp, Tpty Mtm Ns Exp, Narsapur Exp, Kakinada Psgr and etc. There are different starting junctions like Renigunta Jn, Tirupati. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 10 hrs 55 mins to 5 hours 50 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Tirumala Exp, Kakinada Psgr, Ypr Howrah Exp, Kakinadatown Ex, Seshadri Expres, Kerala Express, Tpty Mtm Ns Exp, Krishna Express or train that run sporadically like Qln Mtm Express, Tpty Bsp Exp, Tpty Puri Exp, Tpty Bbs Spl, Tpty Src Sup Ex, Qln Bza Express, Padmavathi Exp, Hyderabad Exp, Tpty Krmr Spl, Santragachi Exp etc. There are different pick up points in tirupati from Tirupati( like Tpty Puri Exp, Kakinada Psgr, Tpty Awb Spl, Nizamuddin Exp, Src Vivek Exp, Tpty Krmr Spl, Himsagar Exp, Padmavathi Exp, Tpty Bsp Exp, Ypr Hatia Exp ), Renigunta Jn( like Hyderabad Exp, Ypr Lucknow Exp, Ten Bilaspur Ex, Ru Vskp Spl, Santragachi Exp, Mys Howrah Exp, Ers Bilaspur Ex, Ypr Hatia Exp, Qln Vskp Expres ).