Available Trains

11019   Konark Express

Solapur Jn (00:25)Secunderabad Jn (07:45)
01031   Kop Hyb Spl

Solapur Jn (01:05)Hyderabad Decan (08:45)
17203   Bvc Kakinada Ex

Solapur Jn (03:00)Secunderabad Jn (10:30)
17017   Rjt Sc Express

Solapur Jn (03:00)Secunderabad Jn (10:30)
09221   Secunderabad Sp

Solapur Jn (03:00)Secunderabad Jn (10:30)
12701   Husainsagar Exp

Solapur Jn (05:35)Hyderabad Decan (12:10)
02702   Ltt Sc Sup Spl

Solapur Jn (08:10)Secunderabad Jn (14:20)
12025   Shatabdi Exp

Solapur Jn (09:13)Secunderabad Jn (14:20)
01463   Pune Sc Sup Spl

Solapur Jn (09:40)Secunderabad Jn (14:30)
22881   Pune Bbs Expres

Solapur Jn (15:15)Secunderabad Jn (21:30)
12581   Pune Bbs Expres

Solapur Jn (15:15)Secunderabad Jn (21:30)
08481   Pune Bbs Specia

Solapur Jn (15:15)Secunderabad Jn (21:30)
22820   Ltt Vskp Sup Ex

Solapur Jn (19:45)Secunderabad Jn (02:00)
12750   Ltt Vskp Sup Ex

Solapur Jn (19:45)Secunderabad Jn (02:00)
57129   Bolarum Passr

Solapur Jn (21:15)Bolarum (08:45)
17031   Hyderabad Exp

Solapur Jn (22:25)Hyderabad Decan (05:55)

About Hyderabad City

Hyderabad is the capital city of South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Also called the ‘City of Nizams', the city was founded in 1590 by the Qutub Shahi King: Mohammed Quli. Hyderabad along with Secunderabad forms a twin city, separated with each other by Hussain Sagar Lake. Bestowed with a rich culture, Hyderabad presents a find amalgam of old world tradition and modernity. Hyderabad is one of the leading IT hubs of the country. Charminar is the main land mark of the city. Mecca Masjid, few metres away from Charminar is another attraction. Other places of tourist interest are Salar Jung Museum, Hussain Sagar, Birla Temple, Nehru Zoological Park, NTR Garden, St Joseph's Cathedral, Golconda Fort, Tombs of Qutub Shahi kings and Ramoji Film City. Hyderabad is famous for its lively bazaars, which offer lac bangles, gems and jewelleries, pearls and kalamkari fabric. Besides, the city is also known for its delectable cuisines, especially Biryani.

More About - Solapur To Hyderabad Trains

Planning to travel from solapur to hyderabad via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. To name some trains that run from solapur to hyderabad are Kop Hyb Spl, Husainsagar Exp, Konark Express, Pune Bbs Expres, Bolarum Passr, Ltt Vskp Sup Ex, Secunderabad Sp, Ltt Sc Sup Spl, Hyderabad Exp, Shatabdi Exp and etc. Know the train routes from different locations in solapur like Solapur Jn. There are different trains that travel from solapur to hyderabad and time taken by these trains varies from 11 hrs 30 mins to 4 hours 50 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Konark Express, Hyderabad Exp, Husainsagar Exp, Bolarum Passr or train that run weekly like Shatabdi Exp, Bvc Kakinada Ex, Ltt Sc Sup Spl, Rjt Sc Express, Kop Hyb Spl, Secunderabad Sp, Pune Bbs Specia, Pune Sc Sup Spl, Pune Bbs Expres, Ltt Vskp Sup Ex etc. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Solapur Jn( like Ltt Vskp Sup Ex, Hyderabad Exp, Pune Bbs Expres, Rjt Sc Express, Konark Express, Pune Sc Sup Spl, Kop Hyb Spl, Husainsagar Exp, Secunderabad Sp, Pune Bbs Specia ).