Available Trains

12584   Puri Valsad Exp

Puri (05:00)Bhubaneswar (06:50)
12746   Puri Ltt Sf Exp

Puri (05:00)Bhubaneswar (06:50)
22866   Puri Ltt Sf Exp

Puri (05:30)Bhubaneswar (06:55)
22910   Puri Valsad Exp

Puri (05:30)Bhubaneswar (06:55)
12278   Satabdi Express

Puri (06:00)Bhubaneswar (07:18)
18416   Puri Kdjr Exp

Puri (06:15)Bhubaneswar (07:40)
18414   Puri Prdp Expre

Puri (06:15)Bhubaneswar (07:40)
12875   Neelachal Exp

Puri (10:55)Bhubaneswar (12:25)
12815   Nandan Kanan Ex

Puri (10:55)Bhubaneswar (12:25)
12822   Dhauli Exp

Puri (11:50)Bhubaneswar (13:15)
18473   Puri Ju Express

Puri (13:30)Bhubaneswar (15:00)
18419   Puri Dbg Jyg Ex

Puri (13:45)Bhubaneswar (15:25)
18449   B Nath Dham Exp

Puri (13:45)Bhubaneswar (15:25)
15639   Puri Ghy Expres

Puri (13:45)Bhubaneswar (15:20)
18304   Puri Sbp Int Ex

Puri (15:25)Bhubaneswar (17:10)
18425   Puri Durg Exp

Puri (17:15)Mancheswar (18:50)
08008   Puri Src Specia

Puri (18:20)Bhubaneswar (19:55)
18405   Puri Adi Exp

Puri (18:20)Bhubaneswar (20:00)
22827   Puri Surat Exp

Puri (19:45)Bhubaneswar (21:05)
12994   Puri Gimb Exp

Puri (19:45)Bhubaneswar (21:05)
12743   Puri St Wkly Ex

Puri (19:45)Bhubaneswar (21:05)
12838   Puri Hwh Expres

Puri (20:00)Mancheswar (21:58)
18452   Tapaswini Expre

Puri (20:35)Bhubaneswar (22:00)
18477   Utkal Express

Puri (20:55)Bhubaneswar (22:20)
12146   Bbs Ltt Sup Exp

Puri (21:25)Bhubaneswar (23:00)
12801   Purushottam Exp

Puri (21:45)Bhubaneswar (23:15)
08461   Puri Hwh Sf Spl

Puri (22:15)Bhubaneswar (23:45)
22836   Puri Shm Sf Exp

Puri (22:15)Bhubaneswar (23:40)
15643   Puri Kyq Expres

Puri (22:15)Bhubaneswar (23:40)
12896   Puri Hwh Expres

Puri (22:15)Bhubaneswar (23:40)
12882   Puri Hwh G Rath

Puri (22:15)Bhubaneswar (23:40)
12888   Puri Hwh Expres

Puri (22:15)Bhubaneswar (23:40)
18410   Srijagannath Ex

Puri (22:30)Bhubaneswar (23:50)
12580   Puri Dgha Sup E

Puri (23:35)Bhubaneswar (01:00)
22890   Puri Dgha Sup E

Puri (23:35)Bhubaneswar (01:05)
08473   Puri Src Specia

Puri (23:35)Bhubaneswar (01:00)
03102   Puri Sdah Spl

Puri (23:45)Bhubaneswar (01:15)

About Puri City

Puri is major city of the East Indian state of Orissa. Situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, Puri is popular beach resort and a pilgrimage destination alike. Puri is one of the oldest cities in eastern India and it has been described in Skanda Purana as the resting place of Lord Vishnu. The city along with Bhubaneshwar and Konark forms Golden Triangle of Orissa. Puri is home to Jagannath temple, built in the late 11th century. One of the four sacred pilgrimage centres for Hindus, Puri is also known as Jagannath Puri. Every year (during June / July) thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit Puri to participate in annual Rath Yatra (car festival) associated with Jagannath Temple. Puri Beach Festival held every year in the month of November is another important festival of the city.

About Bhubaneswar City

Bhubaneswar is the capital city of the East Indian state of Orissa. A historic city, Bhubaneswar was the capital of ancient Kalinga kingdom and also a stronghold of the Shaivites. Bhubaneswar is now a centre for commercial and religious activities. The town is dotted with over 500 temples, prominent among them include Lingraj temple, Mukteshwar temple, Rajarani temple, Parashurameswar temple and Vaital temple. Besides temples, Bhubaneswar houses other attractions such as Orissa state museum, Tribal museum, Orissa Modern Art Gallery, Pathani Samanta Planetarium and Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves. Bhubaneswar, a flourishing centre for art and culture is famous for the appliqué work of Pipli, Ikat sarees, Bidri ware and cane furniture. Bhubaneswar is also the birth place for the world famous Odissi dance form. 

More About - Puri To Bhubaneswar Trains

Planning to travel from puri to bhubaneswar via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains that run on this route are Puri Sbp Int Ex, Puri St Wkly Ex, Satabdi Express, Nandan Kanan Ex, Puri Valsad Exp, Puri Src Specia, Utkal Express, Puri Ltt Sf Exp, Puri Adi Exp, Puri Hwh Expres and etc. The train starts from various stations in puri like Puri. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Puri Hwh Expres, Puri Sbp Int Ex, Tapaswini Expre, Puri Prdp Expre, Srijagannath Ex, Utkal Express, Dhauli Exp, Purushottam Exp, Puri Durg Exp, Puri Kdjr Exp or trains that run weekly like Puri Shm Sf Exp, Puri Ltt Sf Exp, Neelachal Exp, Nandan Kanan Ex, Puri Adi Exp, Puri Hwh Expres, Puri Dbg Jyg Ex, Puri Gimb Exp, Puri Surat Exp, Puri Valsad Exp and etc. Choose your pickup points from Puri( like Puri Sbp Int Ex, Puri Durg Exp, Puri Shm Sf Exp, Puri Hwh Sf Spl, Puri Sdah Spl, Purushottam Exp, Utkal Express, Puri Valsad Exp, Nandan Kanan Ex, Puri Kdjr Exp ).