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Rajdhani Express and Duronto Express Trains

Duronto Express Trains: another set of specialised trains by Indian Railways is simply a magnificent way to travel fast and in complete comfort across the country. Duronto Express is a non-stop point to point rail service. Such kind of train service has been introduced for the second time in Indian Railways history. Duronto Express is India’s fastest trains covering source to the destination distance non-stop with only few major crew and technical stoppages in the journey. The facilities offered in Duronto Express trains are one of the best by Indian Railways. The trains mainly comprises of 5 different classes of accommodations - First AC, Three-tier AC, Two-tier AC, Economy and Sleeper Class (available in Howrah-Yeshwantapur and Mumbai-Nagpur Duronto).

The coaches of Duronto are painted with splashes of colours and are about 24 metres long as compared to the other regular coaches which are of about 22.3 metres length. Good quality stainless steel has been used to make the coaches. The coaches are well equipped with control discharge toilet system, superior sound and thermal insulation and center buffer coupler to run longer trains. The coaches have well-fitted with air springs instead of coil springs, thus offers great riding experience even at higher speeds.

The passenger service of Duronto Express includes a great pantry car that provides meals whose cost is included in the train ticket itself. Moreover, the fares are also less when compared to other express trains running on the similar routes. And on some long haul Duronto Express trains, there’s also Doctors on board.

Below is the list of all Duronto Express Trains :

12221 Pune Howrah Duronto Exp.
12222 Howrah Pune Duronto Exp.
12245 Howrah Yesvantpur Duronto Exp.
12246 Yesvantpur Howrah Duronto Exp.
12259 Sealdah New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12260 New Delhi Sealdah Duronto Exp.
12261 Mumbai CST Howrah Duronto Exp.
12262 Howrah Mumbai CST Duronto Exp.
12263 Pune H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12264 H Nizamuddin Pune Duronto Exp.
12265 Delhi S Rohilla Jammu Tawi Duronto Exp.
12266 Jammu Tawi Delhi S Rohilla Duronto Exp.
12267 Mumbai central Ahmedabad Duronto Exp.
12268 Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Duronto Exp.
12269 Chennai Central H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12270 H Nizamuddin Chennai Central Duronto Exp.
12271 Lucknow New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12272 New Delhi Lucknow Duronto Exp.
12273 Howrah New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12274 New Delhi Howrah Duronto Exp.
12275 Allahabad New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12276 New Delhi Allahabad Duronto Exp.
12277 Howrah Puri Duronto Exp.
12278 Puri Howrah Duronto Exp.
12281 Bhubaneswar New Delhi Duronto Exp.
12282 New Delhi Bhubaneswar Duronto Exp.
12283 Eranakulam H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12284 H Nizamuddin Eranakulam Duronto Exp.
12285 Secunderabad H Nizamuddin Duronto Exp.
12286H Nizamuddin Secunderabad jnDuronto Exp.
12289 Mumbai CST Nagpur Duronto Exp.
12290 Nagpur Mumbai CST Duronto Exp.
12847 Howrah Digha Flag Stn Duronto Exp.
12848 Digha Flag Stn Howrah Duronto Exp.

Rajdhani Express Trains: the fast moving trains connects New Delhi to the other major cities of the India. This class of passenger trains was introduced in 1969 and moves with a speed of about 140 km/hr, though the speed varies at few places. Rajdhani Express when ran for the first time, it covered the distance of 1,445 kilometres between national capital New Delhi to Howrah. The train took about 17 hours 20 minutes to cover this long distance. Rajhdhani Express trains offers the most comfortable and pleasurable journeys to the passengers. An advance booking of the tickets is highly recommended and tickets can be booked easily online.

Rajhdhani Express trains are centrally air-conditioned and enjoy highest priority on Indian Railways network. Passengers travelling by Rajhdhani Express get several facilities. Complimentary meals are offered during the trip. Passengers are offered facilities as per the time taken by the train to reach the particular destination. Newspapers are also provided to the travellers.

Rajhdhani Express trains comprises of mainly three kinds of accommodations which are First Class AC, AC two-tier and AC three-tier. In present times, there are total of 18 Rajhdhani Express trains running all across the country. Today, Rajhdhani Express trains run at an average speed of about 80 kilometres per hour. The trains possess the capacity to beat airlines too. The comfort and luxury attached with this class of trains has been successful in casting a spell on travellers. Travelling with Rajdhani Express is must-do for every traveller.


Below is the list of all Rajdhani Express Trains :


02423 Dibrugarh Guwahati Rajdhani Exp.
02424 Guwahati Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp.
02435 Dibrugarh Guwahati Rajdhani Exp.
02436 Guwahati Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp.
12235 Guwahati New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12236 New Delhi Guwahati Rajdhani Exp.
12301 Howrah New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12302 New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Exp.
12305 Howrah New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12306 New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Exp.
12309 Rajinder Nagar Bihar New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12310 New Delhi Rajinder Nagar Bihar Rajdhani Exp.
12313 SealdahNew Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12314 New Delhi Sealdah Rajdhani Exp.
12421 Bhubaneswar New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12422 New Delhi Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Exp.
12423 Dibrugarh New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12424 New Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp.
12425 New Delhi Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Exp.
12426 Jammu Tawi New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12429 Bangalore H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12430 H Nizamuddin BangaloreRajdhani Exp.
12431 Trivandrum H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12432 H Nizamuddin Trivandrum Rajdhani Exp.
12433 Chennai H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12434 H Nizamuddin Chennai Rajdhani Exp.
12435 Dibrugarh New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12436 New Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp.
12437 Secunderabad H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12438 H Nizamuddin Secunderabad Rajdhani Exp.
12439 Ranchi New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12440 New Delhi Ranchi Rajdhani Exp.
12441 Bilaspur JN New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12442 New Delhi Bilaspur Rajdhani Exp.
12443 Bhubaneswar New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12444 New Delhi Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Exp.
12453 Ranchi New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12454 New Delhi Ranchi Rajdhani Exp.
12493 BangaloreH Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12494 H Nizamuddin Bangalore Rajdhani Exp.
12951 Mumbai Central New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12952 New Delhi Mumbai Central Rajdhani Exp.
12953 Mumbai Central H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp.
12954 H Nizamuddin Mumbai Central Rajdhani Exp.
12957 Ahmedabad New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
12958 New Delhi Ahmedabad Rajdhani Exp.
22423 Guwahati New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
22424 New Delhi Guwahati Rajdhani Exp.

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