International Airline Tickets

About International Airlines

Air travel has become a very easy and convenient mode to commute to places now-a-days. With international air travel, the world has definitely become a smaller place. There are various international airlines which connect one place to the other. Some of the major airlines that cover various sectors include British Airways, Air France, Cathay Pacific Airways, Gulf Air, US Airways, American Airways, Air India, Kingfisher Airlines, Qatar Airways, Continental Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways, Lufthansa Airways and Jet Airways. Some smaller and low cost international airlines that fly select sectors include Aerofloat, KLM Airlines, United Airlines, Etihad Airways, Air Arabia, Air India Express, Delta Airways and Alaska Airways. These international airlines are mostly national carriers and one of the biggest airlines in the world. The fleet comprises of Boeings as well as Airbuses and some of them even have cargo options as well. International airfares vary with the airline class of travel and the sectors travel. These international airlines offers world class in-cabin services right from in-flight catering to in-flight entertainment to web check-in! so next time you are on board an international travel, make sure to select your international airlines carefully so as to enjoy maximum benefits and services at best value international airfares.
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