British Airways Flight Schedule

Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

DELGLA British (BA 142) Check Time -----S- 20h 57m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMBHX British (BA 138) Check Time -----S- 13h 55m & 1 Stop Book now

MAALAX British (BA 36) Check Time MTWTFSS 24h 19m & 1 Stop Book now

PRGDEL British (BA 853) Check Time -----SS 23h 25m & 1 Stop Book now

BLRBHX British (BA 118) Check Time -----SS 15h 50m & 1 Stop Book now

MILBOM British (BA 583) Check Time M------ 24h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

ZRHBLR British (BA 709) Check Time -T-T--- 18h 10m & 1 Stop Book now

AMSBOM British (BA 8450) Check Time -----S- 16h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

FRADEL British (BA 8731) Check Time ----FS- 23h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

BERBOM British (BA 981) Check Time --WT--- 16h 10m & 1 Stop Book now

British AirwaysBritish airways is leading international airline and flag carrier of United Kingdom. You can also say that it is signature of British Aviation Industry. It is a massive airline which operates both domestic and international flights. The main headquarter of this air line is situated at Heathrow Airport in London. This air line is operating air services for many years. It is known worldwide for its best services. It was established by United Kingdom Government in year 1927 and is second largest behind easy Jet. It is also founding member of One World airline alliance. American Air Lines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Qantas and Canadian Air Lines are also founding member of this alliance.

British Airways Top Routes

It is assumed to be the largest airline in United Kingdom in terms of fleet size, international flights, and international destinations. Every year a large number of passengers travel with it. In year 2008 the numbers of passengers were 34.6 million. There are 550 destinations are covered by it in all over the world. Throughout the 23 destinations are covered by it. It mainly focuses on financial market, and offering routes to Ibiza, Palma and Venice. Cargo services are also provided by it under the British Airways World Cargo brand. The cargo services provided by it is world's twelfth-largest cargo airline based on total freight ton- kilometers flown. It has code share agreement with various other airlines companies.

Class Information

The main factors behind success of British Airways are as follows:

1. Affordable air tickets: Affordable air services are provided by it for international destinations hence a large number of passengers like to travel with it.

2. Huge discount: Huge discount is provided to that customers who make early booking and if you book the return ticket at the same time that is round way ticket you can avail of instant online discount too.

3. Online Booking: Online booking is also a factor behind its success. Through online booking passengers book flight ticket easily. There is also a facility to check fare and other things about a flight. This facility attracts passengers.

4. Economy seats: Economy seats are also a factor behind its success. Economy seats are best option for common man if they want to travel with flights. This is an affordable service. Due to including economy seats in its flights a large number of passengers are attracted towards it.

5. Luxurious on boarding services: There are many luxurious services are provided to customers on boarding. These services give a wonderful relaxation to passengers. The main luxurious services include meal service, hot breakfast with tea and coffee, and entertainment services like Disney and the Cartoon Network for junior flyers, TV programs, games, audio books, music and radio. All World Traveler seats have a personal screen (no charge for headphones) showing the latest films.

These are few services which are offered to customers during travel time. These are also the main factors behind its success. Since it is a best airline and provides best services to passenger, hence always book air tickets with it if you want to book tickets for United Kingdom. Less
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