Together we can change the world. - Stephen Magnus

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Be the Change

‘Be the Change’ is a charity initiative run by MakeMyTrip Foundation. Created with a vision to impact the society and the environment positively, the initiative is focused on offsetting our carbon footprints and promoting sustainable tourism. We can’t transform into reality such a mammoth dream alone. We need your support to help us bring about a meaningful ‘change’ in your and our society. So please lead the movement along with us and help us bring about a revolution by donating.

Save Environment

Save the Environment

The average individual’s total carbon footprint is a whopping 50,000 pounds a year! And this includes the emissions from your home, car, air travel and everything else you use. We are all responsible for climate change and we all must be a part

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Make Tourism Sustainable

Let us come together to fight the results of mass tourism—the loss of cultural heritage, social dislocation, and most unfortunately—ecological degradation. Sustainable tourism is aimed at maximising benefits and minimising these negative

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Lead Community Welfare

There is a dire need to provide a minimum level of income and other support for disadvantaged groups such as the poor, elderly, disabled, students, minor children, and the like. Working on this need, we have undertaken rural development and

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“When everybody contributes a change to what he or she notices, it is then we will change our world.”

― Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance


Want to start the ‘change revolution’ with us?

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to be a part of this initiative.

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Want to start the 'change revolution' with us? Please write to to be a part of this initiative.


Want to be a 'Change agent'? Please write to to be a part of this initiative.


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