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3.3 /5 (Hotel Pradeep Reviews)

By Shiv Kumar

on 05 November, 2010


Looks small, but adequate.

By Mitesh

on 16 June, 2010


Hotel rooms were ok but room AC was not in good condition. I had 3 rooms and in all the three rooms the AC was not working properly. I changed my rooms at midnight.Although 3 rooms were provided by staff but transfer at night was very painful. The room sevice is below standard as well - I got drinking water after many calls at the Reception. The room condition is okay.

By Gulshanjit

on 27 April, 2010


Wi-Fi service was not there not even at reception.

By Krishna kumar

on 22 December, 2009


A horrendous experience. From the time we checked in till the next day the hotel could not provide hot water for bathing in the cold winter temperatures of Varanasi. At first we were informed that the central hot water boiler is switched on only in the morning and evening which meant that we were to wait till evening to bathe after a long journey. Once evening came the story was that the boiler has been switched on and hot water would be available in the taps after 10 minutes of running the taps. No such thing happened despite all efforts by a staff who knew that it would not happen ever! Finally after 2 hours of waiting, a single bucket of luke warm water was provided for 2 of us! Well, we used the water to wash our face and had to sleep without a bath. Next morning the story continued. One of the room boys assured us that he had switched on the boiler and the water was boiling at 110degrees! What a miracle that this hotel could boil water to a point beyond 100 degrees.