Available Trains

12864   Ypr Howrah Exp

Tirupati (02:35)Vishakapatnam (15:55)
08638   Ypr Hatia Exp

Tirupati (07:32)Vishakapatnam (20:35)
12659   Gurudev Express

Tirupati (09:35)Vishakapatnam (22:55)
08004   Mys Howrah Exp

Renigunta Jn (10:25)Vishakapatnam (00:10)
08578   Qln Vskp Expres

Renigunta Jn (10:30)Vishakapatnam (23:45)
17480   Tpty Puri Exp

Tirupati (10:35)Simhachalam (05:31)
17482   Tpty Bsp Exp

Tirupati (10:35)Simhachalam (05:31)
08570   Qln Vskp Exp

Tirupati (12:00)Vishakapatnam (01:25)
22880   Tpty Bbs Sf Ex

Tirupati (12:45)Vishakapatnam (02:00)
08472   Tpty Bbs Spl

Tirupati (14:00)Vishakapatnam (05:00)
12890   Ypr Tata Exp

Tirupati (14:40)Vishakapatnam (04:10)
22852   Src Vivek Exp

Tirupati (14:40)Vishakapatnam (04:10)
12836   Ypr Hatia Exp

Tirupati (14:40)Vishakapatnam (04:10)
12846   Bhubaneshwar Ex

Tirupati (14:40)Vishakapatnam (04:10)
08636   Ypr Hatia Exp

Renigunta Jn (15:10)Vishakapatnam (05:00)
08562   Ru Vskp Spl

Renigunta Jn (15:15)Vishakapatnam (04:45)
08056   Tpty Shm Sf Spl

Tirupati (19:45)Vishakapatnam (09:15)
12868   Pdy Howrah Exp

Tirupati (19:50)Duvvada (08:08)
22856   Tpty Src Sup Ex

Tirupati (19:55)Duvvada (08:09)
17487   Tirumala Exp

Tirupati (20:50)Vishakapatnam (10:55)
02852   Santragachi Exp

Renigunta Jn (21:40)Vishakapatnam (10:25)

About Vishakapatnam City

Visakhapatnam or Vishakhapatnam is a port city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Vizag is another popular name of Visakhapatnam. Situated on the eastern coast of India, the city is flanked by the Bay of Bengal on the east. Nestled amidst the Eastern Ghat hill ranges, the city is famous for its unparalleled beauty. With sun kissed beaches, green hills and valleys, massive temples and caves, the city offer endless visual feasts to visitors. A small fishing village in the 20th century, Visakhapatnam has now grown into an industrial hub and home to information technology, petrochemical, fertilizer, jute and sugar industries. Visakhapatnam also houses Eastern Naval Command Headquarters of the Indian Navy.

More About - Tirupati To Vishakapatnam Trains

Are you looking for a train from tirupati to vishakapatnam? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Some of the trains that run on this route are Ypr Hatia Exp, Bhubaneshwar Ex, Santragachi Exp, Gurudev Express, Ypr Tata Exp, Qln Vskp Expres, Tpty Bsp Exp, Tirumala Exp, Src Vivek Exp and etc. There are different starting junctions like Tirupati, Renigunta Jn. There are different trains that travel from tirupati to vishakapatnam and time taken by these trains varies from 18 hrs 56 mins to 12 hours 14 mins. Out of these 2 trains run daily and are Ypr Howrah Exp, Tirumala Exp and 19 are on weekly basis. There are different trains passing from various stations from tirupati like from Tirupati( like Bhubaneshwar Ex, Qln Vskp Exp, Tpty Bbs Spl, Ypr Tata Exp, Tirumala Exp, Gurudev Express, Tpty Shm Sf Spl, Ypr Hatia Exp, Tpty Puri Exp, Tpty Src Sup Ex ), Renigunta Jn( like Qln Vskp Expres, Mys Howrah Exp, Santragachi Exp, Ypr Hatia Exp, Ru Vskp Spl ).