Available Trains

12474   Sarvodaya Exp

Mathura Jn (00:10)Vadodara Jn (12:05)
12478   Jat Jamnagr Exp

Mathura Jn (00:10)Vadodara Jn (12:05)
12472   Swaraj Express

Mathura Jn (00:10)Vadodara Jn (12:05)
12476   Sarvodaya Exp

Mathura Jn (00:10)Vadodara Jn (12:05)
19020   Dehradun Exp

Mathura Jn (01:45)Vadodara Jn (19:55)
09004   Ndls Bct Sf Exp

Mathura Jn (02:10)Vadodara Jn (15:15)
09006   Ndls Bct Ac Spl

Mathura Jn (02:10)Vadodara Jn (15:15)
04096   Ndls Kcvl Ac Sp

Mathura Jn (02:10)Vadodara Jn (14:30)
12904   Goldn Temple Ml

Mathura Jn (10:00)Vadodara Jn (23:05)
12918   Gujrat S Kranti

Mathura Jn (16:05)Vadodara Jn (03:50)
19024   Fzr Bct Janta

Mathura Jn (17:05)Vadodara Jn (10:45)
12910   Bdts Garib Rath

Mathura Jn (17:12)Vadodara Jn (03:00)
12248   Nzm Bdts Yuva

Mathura Jn (17:12)Vadodara Jn (03:00)
12954   Ag Kranti Rjdhn

Mathura Jn (18:40)Vadodara Jn (04:20)
22926   Paschim Express

Mathura Jn (19:15)Vadodara Jn (08:15)
12926   Paschim Express

Mathura Jn (19:15)Vadodara Jn (08:15)
09022   Jat Bdts Spl

Mathura Jn (20:42)Vadodara Jn (09:50)
05033   Gkp Bdts Spl

Mathura Jn (21:45)Vadodara Jn (11:45)

More About - Mathura To Vadodara Trains

Planning to travel from mathura to vadodara via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Trains that run on this route are Paschim Express, Goldn Temple Ml, Ndls Kcvl Ac Sp, Fzr Bct Janta, Sarvodaya Exp, Jat Jamnagr Exp, Jat Bdts Spl, Gkp Bdts Spl, Gujrat S Kranti, Ndls Bct Ac Spl and etc. The train starts from various stations in mathura like Mathura Jn. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 18 hrs 10 mins to 9 hours 40 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Goldn Temple Ml, Dehradun Exp, Fzr Bct Janta, Paschim Express, Ag Kranti Rjdhn or train that run sporadically like Jat Jamnagr Exp, Nzm Bdts Yuva, Ndls Kcvl Ac Sp, Swaraj Express, Ndls Bct Sf Exp, Gujrat S Kranti, Gkp Bdts Spl, Jat Bdts Spl, Bdts Garib Rath, Ndls Bct Ac Spl etc. There are different pick up points in mathura from Mathura Jn( like Bdts Garib Rath, Ag Kranti Rjdhn, Fzr Bct Janta, Gujrat S Kranti, Jat Jamnagr Exp, Jat Bdts Spl, Paschim Express, Gkp Bdts Spl, Sarvodaya Exp, Swaraj Express ).