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From pune to kochi , the minimum time taken is 1h 55m
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Pune Kochi Flights Information

Pune also considered as Poona, is one of the popular Maharashtrian city which represent traditional yet cultural approach of the people. The place is known for tourist destinations like Shaniwar Wada, Singhagd Road, Lavasa and many more. Besides the shopping at Laxmi Road is one of the best things to do. Located 560 meters above the sea level, there are many beaches and hillstation near by the city to go and enjoy and have a gala time.

Kochi being the capital city of Kerala offers lot many tourist destinations to visit,. Don’t forget to enjoy the tea plantation that is being carried out. Kochi is known for fishing styles, hill stations and the climate which is quite pleasant and pollution free. Not only this, Kochi is one of the neat and finest city that you would ever come across.

There are much flexible timing for the flight from Pune to Kochi and vice a versa. However, as the seats are getting filled, you may land up getting the connecting flight, if you don’t book quickly. The flight rates are 12.50, 5.40. 11.20. and 6.10. To get the booking you can choose any of the timings that are convenient for you as the timing are fixed and already been scheduled, you can make your booking without any kind of worries.

Pune and Kochi are must watch places. The airport of Pune and Kochi both are small and not much developed as most of the Pune fights goes from Mumbai. Hence the rates from Pune are comparatively higher. The airport of Pune was designed by Maharashtrian Industrial Development corporation and the runways are shared by the Indian air force. If you are planning to go for business class, the starting prices is Rs 35000 where as for economy class the recipes starts from Rs 5000. There are many connecting flights and few are the direct flight. Hence, you are advised to make your booking in advance to avoid further problems.

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