5 Star Hotels in Cochin

Best 5 Star Hotels, Cochin

Le Meridien Kochi
Just 10 minutes drive from Kumbalam Railway Station, Le Meridien Kochi offers Wi-Fi, spa, fitness centre, and 14 multi-purpose venues. Set ... more »


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Le Meridien Resort -Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin Le Meridien Kochi-Le-Meridien-Kochi-Club-Room-.jpg, Cochin Le Meridien Kochi-Le-Meridien-Kochi-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Cochin Le Meridien Kochi-Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Cochin Le Meridien Kochi-Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Cochin
Dream Hotel
3.3 km from Ernakulam South Railway Station, 6.1 km from Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, 2 In-house Restaurants, 3 Bars, Rooftop Pool, Jacuzzi,... more »


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Dream Hotel-Dream-Hotel-Cochin-Club-Suite.jpg, Cochin Dream Hotel-Dream-Hotel-Cochin-Club-Room.jpg, Cochin Dream Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin Dream Hotel-Dream-Hotel-Cochin-Deluxe-Room-.jpg, Cochin Dream Hotel-Dream-Hotel-Cochin-Deluxe-Suite.jpg, Cochin
Holiday Inn Cochin
Holiday Inn Cochin, 7.8 km from Ernakulam Boat Jetty, features restaurants, bar, Wi-Fi, fitness centre, business facilities and entertainmen... more »


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Holiday Inn Cochin-Holiday-Inn-Cochin-Superior.jpg, Cochin Holiday Inn Cochin-Holiday-Inn-Cochin-Cochin-Superior-Room.jpg, Cochin Holiday Inn Cochin-Exterior_View_.jpg, Cochin Holiday Inn Cochin-Room_1_.jpg, Cochin Holiday Inn Cochin-Room_2_.jpg, Cochin
SAJ Earth Resort
Within 5 km from Angamali railway station and 4 km from airport, Saj Earth Resort features a spa, salon and a restaurant. Located in proxim... more »


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SAJ Earth Resort-Exterior_1_.jpg, Cochin SAJ Earth Resort-SAJ-Earth-Resort-Cochin-Standard-Island-Cottage.jpg, Cochin SAJ Earth Resort-200x150_Saj_Earth_Pool_Villa.jpg, Cochin SAJ Earth Resort-SAJ-Earth-Resort-Cochin-Standard-Superior-Room.jpg, Cochin SAJ Earth Resort-Exterior_2_.jpg, Cochin
Beaumonde The Fern
230 m from Ernakulam South Railway Station, 1.2 km from Shiva Temple, 3.4 km from Marine Drive, Conference facilities, Swimming pool, Health... more »


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Beaumonde The Fern-Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin Beaumonde The Fern-Beaumonde-The-Fern-Cochin-Fern-Club-Room.jpg, Cochin Beaumonde The Fern-Beaumonde-The-Fern-Cochin-Hazel-Suite-Room.jpg, Cochin Beaumonde The Fern-Beaumonde-The-Fern-Cochin-Winter-Green.jpg, Cochin Beaumonde The Fern-Beaumonde-The-Fern-Cochin-Hazel-Suite.jpg, Cochin
Crowne Plaza Kochi
Located 5.1 km from Kasthurba Nagar Park, Crowne Plaza Kochi offers facilities like internet access, outdoor pool, fitness centre and busine... more »


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Crowne Plaza Kochi-Hotel_View.jpg, Cochin Crowne Plaza Kochi-Executive_Room_1.jpg, Cochin Crowne Plaza Kochi-Executive_Room_2.jpg, Cochin Crowne Plaza Kochi-Executive_Room_3.jpg, Cochin Crowne Plaza Kochi-Lobby_1.jpg, Cochin
Courtyard By Marriott Kochi Airport
1.7 km from Cochin International Airport, 5 km from Angamali Railway Station, 1.9 km from St. George Chapel, In-house 24-hour multi-cuisine ... more »


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Courtyard By Marriott Kochi Airport-CMC_Room224_0374_room.jpg, Cochin Courtyard By Marriott Kochi Airport-CMC_Room220_1006_room.jpg, Cochin Courtyard By Marriott Kochi Airport-CMC_Room232_0113_room.jpg, Cochin Courtyard By Marriott Kochi Airport-CMC_Room220_1006_room1375464312084.jpg, Cochin Courtyard By Marriott Kochi Airport-CMC_Hotel_Exterior__MG_5329.jpg, Cochin
Indriya Beach Resort
An excellent 5 star beach resort with best available services and facilities, Indriya Beach Resort offers to capitalize pastime with full of... more »


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Indriya Beach Resort-Erumadom_Room.jpg, Cochin Indriya Beach Resort-Indriya_Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin Indriya Beach Resort-Erumadom_Washroom.jpg, Cochin Indriya Beach Resort-Entrance_View.jpg, Cochin Indriya Beach Resort-Maalika_Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin
The Taj Gateway Hotel Marine Drive Ernakulam
Within walking distance from Ernakulam Market, St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica, Five Conference Halls, Swimming Pool, Spa, Ayurvedic Massages,... more »


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The Taj Gateway Hotel Marine Drive Ernakulam-Exterior.jpg, Cochin The Taj Gateway Hotel Marine Drive Ernakulam-Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin The Taj Gateway Hotel Marine Drive Ernakulam-Bubble_Cafe_1.jpg, Cochin The Taj Gateway Hotel Marine Drive Ernakulam-Bubble_Cafe_2.jpg, Cochin
Club Mahindra Cherai Beach
A 5 Star luxurious property, located 25 kms from Cochin International Airport, 22 kms from Aluva Railway Station Located 42.5 kms from Ch... more »

Club Mahindra Indriya Beach Resort & Spa-Exterior_3.jpg, Cochin Club Mahindra Indriya Beach Resort & Spa-Exterior_1.jpg, Cochin Club Mahindra Indriya Beach Resort & Spa-Exterior_4.jpg, Cochin Club Mahindra Indriya Beach Resort & Spa-Exterior_5.jpg, Cochin Club Mahindra Indriya Beach Resort & Spa-Exterior_6.jpg, Cochin

Trident Cochin
9.5 km from Marine Drive, Poolside restaurant serving seafood, Holistic Ayurveda centre, Magic show, Local culinary show Situated in Willin... more »


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Trident Cochin-Exterior_Cum_Swimming_Pool_.jpg, Cochin Trident Cochin-Trident-Cochin-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Cochin Trident Cochin-Trident-Cochin-Superior-Room.jpg, Cochin Trident Cochin-Reception_Cum_Lobby_.jpg, Cochin Trident Cochin-Garden_View_Room_.jpg, Cochin
Casino Hotel
Located at a walking distance from Cochin Harbour Terminus, Casino Hotel features a restaurant, bar, Souvenirs/gift shop and multi-purpose h... more »


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Casino Hotel-Casino-Hotel-Cochin-Standard-Room.jpg, Cochin Casino Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin Casino Hotel-Standard_Twin_Bed.jpg, Cochin Casino Hotel-Seafood_Specialty_Restaurant_1.jpg, Cochin Casino Hotel-Gift_Shop.jpg, Cochin
The Brunton Boatyard
The hotel is located in Fort Cochin within walking distance from the bus stand. The airport and South Ernakulam Railway Junction is 40 kilom... more »


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The Brunton Boatyard-Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin The Brunton Boatyard-Entrance_View.jpg, Cochin The Brunton Boatyard-Exterior_View.jpg, Cochin The Brunton Boatyard-Pool_Table.jpg, Cochin The Brunton Boatyard-Room.jpg, Cochin
Vivanta by Taj-Malabar
8.9 km from Dutch Palace, 11 km from Marine Drive, Fine multi-cuisine restaurants, In-house spa, Private luxury yacht Ideally located in Wi... more »


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Vivanta by Taj-Vivanta-By-Taj-Cochin-Superior-Charm-Sea-View.jpg, Cochin Vivanta by Taj-Malabar-Vivanta-By-Taj-Deluxe-Allure-Suite-1-Bedroom.jpg, Cochin Vivanta by Taj-Vivanta-By-Taj-Cochin-Superior-Charm-Heritage-Room.jpg, Cochin Vivanta by Taj-Vivanta-By-Taj-Cochin-Superior-Charm-Heritage-Room-.jpg, Cochin Vivanta by Taj-Vivanta-By-Taj-Cochin-Premium-Temptation-Suite.jpg, Cochin

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