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About Vistara Airlines

Vistara is a recent airline company that started operating around 2015 from New Delhi. This airline company is a partnership between Tata Sons Ltd. and Singapore Airlines. Tata Sons Ltd. is one of the oldset companies in India, founded by Jamsetji Tata around 1868. Today the Tata group in India has become a global enterprise that operates in over 100 countries and it has more than 581,470 employees. Vistara complies with the ethical standards of the Tata Code of Conduct. Singapore Airlines started operating around 1972 after Malaysia-Singapore Airlines was split into Malaysian Airline System and Singapore Airlines. Ever since its set up, Singapore Airlines has been focused on making itself known as an unmatchable industry competitor. It provided headphones, free drinks and a wide choice of meals in their Economy seats back in the early seventies. Singapore Airlines has become one of the quintessential brands from Asia. Vistara is a derivation of the Sanskrit word, ‘Vistaar’ meaning ‘limitless expanse’, which reflects the company’s belief in providing ‘tech savvy, meticulous and authentic services to its passengers.

Vistara Airlines Offers

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Vistara Airlines Popular Domestic Routes

Rs 1,399

28 Sep, '18

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Rs 1,684

23 Sep, '18

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Rs 2,672

16 Sep, '18

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Rs 2,777

17 Sep, '18

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Rs 2,829

19 Sep, '18

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Rs 2,877

14 Sep, '18

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Rs 3,087

19 Sep, '18

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Rs 3,179

18 Sep, '18

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Rs 3,459

18 Sep, '18

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Vistara Airlines Flight Status

In keeping with their commitment to timeliness, Vistara Airlines informs its travellers regarding any changes in flight ... timing via SMS to provide a seamless and pleasant experience to all their passengers. Travellers can also check the flight status of their Vistara Airlines flights on MakeMyTrip. Travelers can check their Vistara Airlines flight schedule here. more
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Vistara Airlines Services

Vistara has its own priority services known as #VistaraPriority. With this priority service, passengers can enjoy the benefits of Priority check-in, Priority baggage and Priority boarding. Passengers flying in Economy can avail this service for a minimum fee of Rs. 500. Passengers can check-in faster through Vistara’s Premium Economy counter and they can book this service an hour prior to flight departure. This service is free for Premium Economy, Business Class and Club Vistara Platinum and Gold passengers.

How to book Vistara Airline

Passengers can get great deals by booking from Vistara online. One simply has to go to and fill in the particulars. After completing the booking process, a confirmation email will be sent to the passenger. One can book up to 9 passengers online. A minimum of 10 passengers are required for Group Booking in Vistara. All the passengers with Group Booking get one PNR (Personal Name Registration) number that has the same airfare. Web check-in facilities are not available for Group Booking passengers. With Group Booking, requests can be made for standard meal selections. Pre-booking for Excess Baggage can be done by contacting Vistara through their email - Group Bookings provide passengers the flexibility to add their names up to 7 days prior to flight departure.


Passengers can use the Vistara mobile application or visit to check-in. They can obtain their eBoarding Pass by providing a valid email address. Passengers are required to provide their web check-in boarding pass along with a valid ID card. Web check-in services are not available for passengers who require wheelchairs and this is also not available for passengers availing Group Bookings. Web check-in with the Vistara mobile application is available for Android, Windows, and iOS mobile phones. Through this application, passengers can choose their meals and seats.

Vistara Airlines In-flight Experience

There are three classes of cabins in Vistara, namely, Economy Class, Premium Economy Class and Business Class. The seats in the Economy cabin are comfortable and well designed with a seat width of 18.1 inches and a 30-inch seat pitch. The Premium Economy cabin has check-in counters at all airports to where Vistara flies. The Business Class passengers get lounge access and meals are served with tableware made of bone china. Passengers travelling in this category are provided with a personal storage space.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers flying in Economy get 15 kilos of baggage allowance and 7 kilos of hand baggage allowance, and passengers traveling in Premium Economy seats are allowed to carry up to 20 kilos of baggage and 12 kilos of hand baggage. Passengers traveling in the Business Class cabin are allowed to carry up to 30 kilos of cabin baggage with 12 kilos of hand baggage. Vistara has its ‘Carry On Plus’ service for the convenience of passengers who carry luggage over the designated 7 kilos onboard. With this service, passengers can then carry up to 5 kilos extra. The overall size of the baggage should not exceed 158 cm. Apart from Economy class, passengers travelling in Premium Economy, Business Class, and Club Vistara Platinum and Gold passengers get this service for free. Some items such as sharp objects, sporting goods and guns are not allowed on Vistara, and passengers are also not allowed to carry gels, liquid and aerosols that are more than 100 ml. However, medicines, prescription inhalers and baby food are exceptions to this rule.

Vistara Airlines Customer Support

For customer services at Vistara, passengers can call on +91 928 922 8888 or +91 995 896 2222. Passengers can also contact Vistara’s customer care through

Vistara Airlines Flight Status

Passengers can keep themselves updated on Vistara flights by simply logging on to Passengers, through this link, can check the flight schedules by filling in the details of the places of departure and arrival, and the date of departure. Passengers can also download the flight schedule as a PDF and/or Excel. However, this schedule may change without prior notification to passengers.

Vistara Airlines Network and fleet information

Vistara has a current fleet of 17 Airbus A320 aircrafts that connects to 21 destinations across India. Apart from flying to almost all the domestic routes in India, Vistara has interline partnerships with several other airline companies to provide better connectivity. They are interline partners with Air France, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Finn Air, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Aeroflot, Asiana Airlines, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines and SriLankan Airlines, among others. The top cities in the domestic routes of Vistara are Lucknow, Chennai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata and New Delhi. Chandigarh is one of the best cities in India and is known as the ‘City Beautiful’. It was one of the first cities in India to be a planned city post- Independence, designed by Le Corbusier. Hyderabad, known as ‘The Pearl City of India’, has a rich history. Hyderabad has the Salar Jung museum that has antiques and memorabilia from the 1st century. One can also visit the open cultural space known as the Lamakaan, which is famous for the Irani Café that serves Osmania biscuits and tea.

Vistara Airlines FAQs

Q: What’s the best date to travel when I can get the lowest fare from Vistara Airlines ?

A: 26 Sep 2018 is the cheapest date with lowest fare by Vistara Airlines.

Q: What is the total number of routes serviced by Vistara Airlines?

A: The total number of routes serviced by Vistara Airlines is 201.

Q: Which is the cheapest source city for Vistara Airlines ?

A: The cheapest source city for Vistara Airlines is Chennai .

Q: Does Vistara Airlines have options for online seat selection?

A: Yes, Vistara Airlines offers online seat selection at a nominal fee.

Q: Which is the cheapest destination city for Vistara Airlines?

A: The cheapest destination city for Vistara Airlines is Cochin.

Q: How many routes served by Vistara Airlines in total ?

A: There are around 201 Routes

Q: What is the airline code for Vistara Airlines?

A: The airline code for Vistara Airlines is UK.

Q: What’s the cheapest fare by Vistara Airlines ?

A: Rs. 1299.0 is the cheapest fare for Chennai to Cochin on 26 Sep 2018 by Vistara Airlines.

Q: What is the cheapest date to travel by Vistara Airlines?

A: The cheapest date to travel by Vistara Airlines is 26 Sep 2018.

Q: Does Vistara Airlines allow web check-in?

A: Yes, Vistara Airlines allows web check-in.

Q: What is the cheapest price on flight tickets offered by Vistara Airlines?

A: The cheapest price on flight tickets offered by Vistara Airlines is 1299.0.

Vistara Airlines Domestic Routes

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