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Baghvan, Pench National Park

Near Pench National Park, Village awarghani, Kurai


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Colonial Bungalows With Machaan



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About Baghvan, Pench National Park

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Wildlife safaris, in-room Ayurvedic treatments and scenic dining experiences are highlights at Pench's Taj Safari lodge.

Wildlife safaris, in-room Ayurvedic treatments and scenic dining experiences are highlights at Pench's Taj Safari lodge.

Location: A five-minute drive from Pench National Park, the Taj Safari Lodge is a luxurious destination to escape into the wild. The closest airport is the Nagpur airport, which is 90 km away and a 3-hour drive from the property. Guests can also visit nearby Pachdhaar village to get a glimpse of local life and admire the style of indigenous pottery.

Room Amenities: The property offers 12 standalone suites that are tastefully decorated and fitted with amenities like intercom, safety deposit box and more. Each suite has a private sit-out area, indoor and outdoor showers.

Hotel Facilities: There is plenty to do besides spotting animals on an exciting jungle safari. Opt for an in-room Ayurvedic massage or swim a few laps in the pool. Learn how to make traditional Indian dishes, enjoy tea before the afternoon safari and spend time reading in the library. The hotel features various modern facilities like air conditioning, babysitting, parking, laundry, swimming pool and transportation services (chargeable).

Dining: Guests can enjoy the state's traditional food in the interactive open kitchen at the lodge. Enjoy breakfast within the comfort of your room or at the cool private verandas. Lunch or dinner at the deck overlooking the river-bed will definitely be an experience in itself.

Distance :


Nagpur - 100 KM| Jabalpur - 220 KM


Nagpur - 100 KM| Jabalpur - 220 KM


Safari Drives

Twice daily safaris are conducted by expert naturalists in specially designed 4X4 vehicles with theatre style seating. Morning safaris start shortly after sunrise. Along with the thrill of tiger tracking, is a memorable stop for a picnic breakfast. Afternoon safaris last a couple of hours and end at sunset. A safari drive in Pench is a study in contrasting habitats made very interesting by the interpretation of an expert naturalist on the importance and role of each region. While the rocky areas have been known to have good leopard sightings, the riverside offers panoramic views and many birds to tick off. Tree hollows are favoured roosting spots for the Indian Scops Owl. They sit unmoving and so well camouflaged that it usually takes the trained eyes of a naturalist to point them out. Jungle owlet and the Spotted Owlet are some of the other smaller owls seen frequently on a safari. Some of the biggest herds of spotted deer and Gaur are seen grazing on succulent grasses along the backwaters. In recent years the boost in tiger numbers has made them more visible, leading to some excellent tiger spotting for visitors in the park. Malabar pied hornbills perched usually in twos on dry branches make for a lovely photograph.

Nature Trails

A Nature Trail in the wilderness is ideal for adventurers looking for a closer communion with nature. Be it the nature trails offered in the buffer zone of the park or a leisurely nature walk, it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the smaller creatures. Butterflies, dung beetles scurrying about and multitudes of wildflowers are a few of the many delights best discovered on foot. Pench is a teak forest which is an advantage of sorts when walking on a nature trail in the buffer area. The teak trees are sans leaves for most of the year and poor undergrowth enables better visibility through the forest. Accompanied by naturalists who are excellent trackers, guests get an intimate understanding of nature and animal behaviour. Large middens or communal toilets of Blue bulls; the naturalist will explain, are one of the ways for these antelopes to mark territory. Deep scratch marks high on a tree trunk would mean the party were walking on a tigers turf. After an exciting nature walk, guests delight in getting back on familiar ground and being welcomed with cold towels and a refreshing drink.

Village visit

The dominant tribal community around Pench are the Gond, who dwell in immaculate little hamlets comprising wooden structures plastered with cow dung and clay. A leisurely stroll in the villages of Kohka or Khambrit allows guests a peek into an idyllic rural life. Alternatively, a visit to a potters village makes for a most interesting afternoon. The Panchdhaar village is half an hours scenic drive away from the lodge. The potters wheels are set up in courtyards or verandas of their homes. The inhabitants of this place are affable people who welcome guests to watch or try their hand at making a pot. Communal baking of pots takes place at the edge of the village. Sun dried earthenware is stacked several feet high with layers of dried grasses and wood in between. The fire is lit usually after sundown when it is cooler as well as for the practical reason of being able to spot sparks and flames faster in the dark. Being located not far from the highway, the potters find a ready market for their pots in nearby Nagpur. Guests can buy artistic terracotta bowls and vases as keepsakes.


The Taj Safaris are located in pristine jungle environments, where guests have the luxury of viewing a vast expanse of very starry skies. After a day of adventure and excitement in the jungle, watching the brilliant night sky is a very relaxing activity. The constant North Star and the Milky Way are especially exciting to young guests. Listen to interesting trivia and stories as naturalists acquaint you to the life of the night sky.

Junior Naturalist Programme

For the adventurous youngsters with a love for all things wild, our Budding Naturalist Programme is an interactive curriculum. Usually spanning three to four days, the programme can be tweaked depending on the duration of stay. From early morning nature walks and safaris to late evening frogging and star gazing sessions, this program covers as many aspects of the wild to get the young brigade on the go early on. At the end of the programme, the children go back with a new appreciation of the natural world, a certificate, a plethora of adventure stories and a feather in their hats.


The cuisine served at the properties is an exploration for the taste buds. Each meal is freshly prepared, with organic home grown ingredients. Meal timings are flexible and no venue needs to be adhered to. Private butlers serve you in the privacy of your room, by the pool side or a table for two under the shade of a tree. Influenced by local cooking styles, each dish is a gourmets delight. Choicest dishes from the local cuisines of the Vidarbha region and the Saoji style of cooking are adopted at Baghvan and tempered to suit all palates. Salads and traditional drinks like butter milk and lemonade which cool the body, are accompaniments at all meals and perfect for a warm region like Pench.

Bonnet Breakfast

A sumptuous breakfast set up on the safari vehicle bonnet deep in the jungle. Freshly baked muffins and cookies along with sandwiches, fresh fruit and hot kathi rolls are washed down with freshly plunged coffee and a selection of teas. A perfect refuelling for the rest of the morning safari.

Mahua Dinner

A large old Mahua tree with sprawling branches provides a perfect canopy for a lantern lit dinner. Candles on wooden pillars form an African Boma like enclosure with scattered dining tables and a crackling bonfire. Live food counters are placed in a semi-circle and whiffs of delicate aromas rise from the grill. Guests enjoy delicious canaps and swap stories with an eclectic mix of guests from around the world, before settling down to an elaborate dinner under the stars.

Private Dinner

A romantic dinner at Baghvan is a phenomenon best experienced. Each Guest bungalow has an open wooden deck overlooking the forest, forming an intimate spot for a romantic dinner. A table for two is laid out complete with a snowy table cloth and tea light candles. Service by a private butler is efficient yet unobtrusive. A perfect evening of peace, excellent service and delicious fare with no time frame for guests to savour the experience.

Interactive Dinner on the Deck

A covered wooden deck along the dry river bed running parallel to the national park is one of the most exciting dining venues. One can often spot deer and jackals that use the riverbed as a pathway. An array of Indian street food is served from a hand cart for appetisers, while hot breads are served directly from the tandoor to pair with succulent kebabs, curries and lentils. Chefs explain the dishes and the therapeutic effects of various ingredients. Guests are thrilled to hear night jars or the occasional hoot of a barn owl from the jungle while dining in the safety of the deck.

Poolside Dinner

Dinner by the poolside is one of the most tranquil experiences at this jungle lodge. The crisp night air is pleasant and the lanterns cast a reflection on the water adding to the charm of the evening. Tables for each set of guests are placed around the pool and served by attentive butlers. It is an unhurried experience as guests enjoy a sumptuous meal ending with traditional Indian desserts and soothing camomile tea.

About Baghvan

History & Landscape

An aspect enhancing the romance and thrill of Pench national park is the fact that it is the backdrop for Rudyard Kiplings famous tome The Jungle Book. Located on the southern edge of the Satpura mountain range, the park is divided into two nearly equal halves by the river Pench that meanders through it and gives the park its name. The park is a large forest tract about 1500 sq kms in area spreading across the two states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The jungle is a mosaic of rocky patches, wooded hills, backwaters of the river and vast grasslands akin to the African Savannah. Pench was declared a National Park in 1983 and given a tiger reserve status in 1992. The park was adjudged the Best Managed National Park by the government in 2011. A three part documentary by BBC called Tiger: Spy in the Jungle narrated by Sir David Attenborough has brought the park international recognition.


Pench is a mixed deciduous forest, with some very dry scrub like patches as well as areas around the river valley that are green for most parts of the year. The park is a delightful mix of large grasslands, rocky outcrops and tree thickets. Teak is the dominant specie of tree here. In some stretches teak trees grow densely together blocking all sunlight with their large leaves thus making the forest floor devoid of undergrowth. Flame of the forest, Tendu, Mahua, Wild Mango and Neem are some of the other common trees seen here. A patch of forest on a slope is interestingly dominated by Bhirra (Choloroxylon sweitenia), a short hardy tree with small spherical leaves. Bhirra is sought after by locals, who burn the leaves inside their home as a mosquito repellent. Numerous gigantic Banyan trees said to be over a hundred years old are seen at several places along with other species of figs like Peepal and Pilkhan. While there are many species of plants, grasses and trees in Pench, one of the most iconic of all the flora found here is the Kullu or the ghost tree (also known as the Karaya gum tree). Growing on rocky surfaces, this white tree with a smooth trunk seems to glow on moonlit nights, earning the sobriquet of a ghost. The backwaters of the river Pench leave behind fertile floodplains that support nourishing grasses for the deer and antelopes. The hilly areas with rocky outcrops are leopard sighting hotspots, while the park as a whole is excellent tiger habitat.


The national park has one of the best populations of herbivores in the country. Healthy herbivore numbers mean that the carnivore numbers do well too. The jungle is teeming with spotted deer, Blue bull or Neel gai, sambar and large herds of Gaur among a host of other deer and antelopes like the elusive Muntjac and the Chowsingha (four horned antelope) respectively. The park is known for good sightings of leopards and tigers, along with the whistling hunters or wild dogs (Dholes in Hindi). This forest also has a thriving population of jackals and sloth bears while wolves are seen on the periphery of the forest. Langur monkeys and rhesus macaques abound and even pay regular visits to the lodge. It is interesting to note, that the worlds largest cat the tiger (weighing 220 kgs for an average male), as well as the worlds smallest cat the Rusty spotted cat (weighing under 1.5 kgs), can both be found here. Numerous large water bodies, grasslands and forests provide a varied avian habitat, making it a bird haven with over 340 species recorded. Calls of parakeets, green pigeons and jungle babblers add to the forest song, while the Ruddy Shelducks, bright blue Kingfishers, Asian paradise flycatchers and Red Avadavats are a visual feast.

About Baghvan

Located just 100 kms away from Nagpur, a two hour drive brings you to Baghvan, which literally means the tiger forest. Only a few minutes from the national park entrance these 12 charming stand-alone bungalows are built alongside a picturesque nullah (dry riverbed), that demarcates the lodge premises from the national park. Each bungalow comes with its own rooftop machan, indoor and outdoor shower areas and a private sit-out surrounded by the woods. A colonial theme is nuanced in the guest areas with a vintage radio, crystal candelabras on the dining table and metal chandeliers. Delicate Parsi tiles on the live food counter, woven hyacinth furniture and giant ebony chests add to the elegance of the hall. Baghvan has a delightful infinity pool shaded by trees and overlooking the forest. A tiny cottage across the safari shop houses a small library, computer and a television for guests, with the adjacent room being a tasteful serene space for massage treatments.

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  • Excellent Stay

    Harsha Vardhan N S

    Reviewed 11 days ago

    Very warm and hospitable staff. Food was amazing and it was very personalised.
    Loved the dec or and the views, we saw plenty of wildlife from the room itself.


  • Awesome stay

    Prashant Wahane

    Reviewed 4 months ago

    Love to come again and again. Safari experience was too good.
    Always loved the hospitality, view from room was awesome. Staff of the lodge too friendly with family and kids.


  • Safari at its best

    Yash Chokhani

    Reviewed 5 months ago

    It’s a unique experience. A must try for everyone.
    Everything was good. Staff was really helpful.


  • Pathetic stay

    mukesh pandey

    Reviewed 5 months ago

    Taj Baghvan is big black patch on Taj Groop of safaris. Old and hopeless property with high pricing. It was awful experience to me and my family. One very important thing to keep in mind, do not go with driver even hotel is isolated and not safe for self drive if you are going with family because they do not have any arrangements for driver and behavior of duty manager in very inhuman, in my case they throw my driver out of the property at night, just saying hotel do not allow driver and I have to arrange new hotel for him. This is disgusting and unacceptable.


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