Available Trains 

11028   Mumbai Mail

Renigunta Jn (02:20)Cuddapah (04:34)
16382   Cape Mumbai Exp

Tirupati (03:40)Cuddapah (06:28)
12707   A P Smprk Krnti

Tirupati (05:45)Cuddapah (07:58)
57472   Tpty Ubl Pass

Tirupati (06:05)Cuddapah (09:13)
11044   Lokamanya Tt Ex

Renigunta Jn (07:30)Cuddapah (09:39)
12164   Chennai Exp

Renigunta Jn (09:25)Cuddapah (11:29)
16733   Rmm Okha Expres

Tirupati (11:15)Cuddapah (13:54)
06842   Vm Ltt Express

Renigunta Jn (13:30)Cuddapah (15:38)
07605   Maq Kcg Express

Renigunta Jn (13:30)Cuddapah (15:21)
11042   Mumbai Express

Renigunta Jn (14:35)Cuddapah (17:04)
01064   Mumbai Exp

Renigunta Jn (16:15)Cuddapah (18:20)
17430   Rayalaseema Exp

Tirupati (16:25)Cuddapah (19:03)
07614   Nizamabad Exp

Renigunta Jn (16:30)Cuddapah (18:35)
12798   Venkatadri Exp

Tirupati (18:35)Cuddapah (21:09)
17651   Kacheguda Exp

Renigunta Jn (20:15)Cuddapah (22:14)
17415   Haripriya Exp

Tirupati (21:00)Cuddapah (23:39)
16352   Ncj Mumbai Exp

Renigunta Jn (22:05)Cuddapah (00:34)

More About - Tirupati To Cuddapah Trains 

Want to travel from tirupati to cuddapah on rails? Know about trains in the route. Trains that run on this route are Tpty Ubl Pass, Ncj mumbai Exp, Mumbai Mail, Mumbai Express, Chennai Exp, Kacheguda Exp, Cape Mumbai Exp, A P Smprk Krnti, Lokamanya Tt Ex, Rmm Okha Expres and etc. You can board your train from different locations in tirupati like Tirupati, Renigunta Jn. Different trains running from tirupati to cuddapah takes time approximately from 3 hrs 8 mins to 1 hours 51 mins. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Rayalaseema Exp, Kacheguda Exp, Haripriya Exp, Chennai Exp, Mumbai Express, Cape Mumbai Exp, Venkatadri Exp, Mumbai Mail, Tpty Ubl Pass or trains that run weekly like Maq Kcg Express, Rmm Okha Expres, A P Smprk Krnti, Ncj Mumbai Exp, Vm Ltt Express, Mumbai Exp, Nizamabad Exp, Lokamanya Tt Ex and etc. There are different pick up points in tirupati from Renigunta Jn( like Vm Ltt Express, Nizamabad Exp, Mumbai Express, Maq Kcg Express, Ncj Mumbai Exp, Mumbai Mail, Kacheguda Exp, Lokamanya Tt Ex, Chennai Exp, Mumbai Exp ), Tirupati( like Cape Mumbai Exp, Rmm Okha Expres, Venkatadri Exp, Tpty Ubl Pass, A P Smprk Krnti, Rayalaseema Exp, Haripriya Exp ).