Narkatiaganj Jn (NKE), Narkatiaganj Railway Station

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Name: Narkatiaganj Jn Code: NKE City: Narkatiaganj
More Narkatiaganj stations : Narkatiaganj Jn
Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Narkatiaganj Jn (NKE), Narkatiaganj :
Code Train Name Arrives Departs Stop time M T W T F S S
15654 Jammu Ghy Expre 00:20 00:25 5 min N N N N N N Y
15051 Koaa Gkp Exp 04:25 04:30 5 min N N N N N Y N
12558 Sapt Kranti Exp 06:50 06:55 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19040 Avadh Express 09:22 09:27 5 min N Y N Y N N Y
15653 Amarnath Expres 10:20 10:25 5 min N N N Y N N N
15273 Satyagrah Exp 11:05 11:10 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15002 Ddn Mfp Exp 12:30 12:35 5 min N N N N N N Y
15052 Gkp Kolkata Exp 13:30 13:35 5 min N N N Y N N N
15274 Satyagrah Exp 14:20 14:25 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12538 Muv Mfp Express 14:56 15:01 5 min Y N Y N Y N N
19269 Pbr Motihari Ex 14:56 15:01 5 min N N N N N Y Y
12212 Mfp Garib Rath 14:56 15:01 5 min N N N Y N N N
12557 Sapt Kranti Exp 15:27 15:32 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15001 Mfp Ddn Exp 17:05 17:10 5 min Y N N N N N N
19039 Avadh Express 17:45 17:50 5 min Y N Y N N Y N
19270 Pbr Express 18:25 18:30 5 min Y N N N N N Y
12211 Anvt Garib Rath 18:25 18:30 5 min N N N N Y N N
12537 Manduadih Exp 22:51 22:56 5 min Y N Y N Y N N

More About - Narkatiaganj Jn Railway Station

Know about different trains that are either starting or have stoppage at Narkatiaganj Jn station are Anvt Garib Rath, Jammu Ghy Expre, Avadh Express, Sapt Kranti Exp, Amarnath Expres, Gkp Kolkata Exp, Satyagrah Exp, Ddn Mfp Exp, Mfp Garib Rath, Pbr Express. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Satyagrah Exp, Sapt Kranti Exp etc or train that run weekly like Anvt Garib Rath, Muv Mfp Express, Manduadih Exp, Koaa Gkp Exp, Amarnath Expres, Avadh Express, Gkp Kolkata Exp, Ddn Mfp Exp, Jammu Ghy Expre, Mfp Garib Rath and etc.