Rupnarayanpur (RNPR), Rupnarayanpur Railway Station

Name: Rupnarayanpur Code: RNPR City: Rupnarayanpur
Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Rupnarayanpur (RNPR), Rupnarayanpur :
Code Train Name Arrives Departs Stop time M T W T F S S
53139 Kolkata Jasidih Passenger 04:03 04:04 1 min Y Y Y Y Y Y N
53141 Koaa Jsme Pass 04:03 04:04 1 min N N N N N N Y
53049 Howrah Mokameh Passenger 04:35 04:36 1 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13020 Kathgodam Bagh Express 06:43 06:45 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
53142 Jsme Koaa Pass 08:36 08:37 1 min N N N N N N Y
53140 Jasidih kolkata Passenger 08:36 08:37 1 min Y Y Y Y Y Y N
13050 Amritsar Howrah express 09:47 09:49 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
53131 Sdah Mfp Fstpgr 12:00 12:01 1 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13049 Howrah amritsar Express 18:50 18:51 1 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
53050 Mokameh howrah Passenger 19:07 19:08 1 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13021 Howrah mithila Express 20:33 20:34 1 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
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More About - Rupnarayanpur Railway Station

Different trains running from Rupnarayanpur are Amritsar Howrah express, Kolkata Jasidih Passenger, Kathgodam Bagh Express, Koaa Jsme Pass, Howrah amritsar Express, Jsme Koaa Pass, Sdah Mfp Fstpgr, Mokameh howrah Passenger, Howrah mithila Express, Jasidih kolkata Passenger. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Amritsar Howrah express, Howrah amritsar Express, Howrah mithila Express, Kathgodam Bagh Express, Mokameh howrah Passenger, Sdah Mfp Fstpgr, Howrah Mokameh Passenger etc or train that run weekly like Jasidih kolkata Passenger, Koaa Jsme Pass, Jsme Koaa Pass, Kolkata Jasidih Passenger and etc.