Radhanpur (RDHP), Radhanpur Railway Station

Name: Radhanpur Code: RDHP City: Radhanpur
Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Radhanpur (RDHP), Radhanpur :
Code Train Name Arrives Departs Stop time M T W T F S S
14801 Ju Gimb Exp 02:48 02:50 2 min Y N Y N N Y N
14321 Bareilly Bhuj Express 04:24 04:26 2 min N Y Y Y N N Y
12959 Dadar Bhuj Express 12:52 12:54 2 min N N Y N N Y N
14322 Bhuj Bareilly Express 20:49 20:51 2 min Y N Y N Y Y N
09460 Bhuj Dadar Spl 22:36 22:38 2 min Y N N Y N N N
12960 Bhuj Dadar Express 22:38 22:40 2 min Y N N Y N N N
14802 Jodhpur Express 23:03 23:05 2 min Y N Y N N Y N

More About - Radhanpur Railway Station

Different trains running from Radhanpur are Jodhpur Express, Bhuj Dadar Express, Ju Gimb Exp, Bhuj Dadar Spl, Dadar Bhuj Express, Bhuj Bareilly Express, Bareilly Bhuj Express.