Station Details

Name: Simla
Code: SML
City: Simla

Available Trains

52457   Klk Sml Pass

Arr. 09:20
Dep. Ends
72451   Rail Motor

Arr. 09:50
Dep. Ends
52451   Shivalk Dlx Exp

Arr. 10:15
Dep. Ends
52456   Himalyan Queen

Arr. Starts
Dep. 10:30
52453   Kalka Simla Exp

Arr. 11:05
Dep. Ends
52458   Sml Klk Pass

Arr. Starts
Dep. 14:25
72452   Rail Motor

Arr. Starts
Dep. 16:25
52455   Himalyan Queen

Arr. 17:20
Dep. Ends
52452   Shivalk Dlx Exp

Arr. Starts
Dep. 17:40
52454   Sml Klk Express

Arr. Starts
Dep. 18:15

More About - Simla Railway Station

Different trains running from Simla are Rail Motor, Himalyan Queen, Sml Klk Express, Shivalk Dlx Exp, Sml Klk Pass, Himalyan Queen, Rail Motor, Shivalk Dlx Exp, Klk Sml Pass, Kalka Simla Exp. Some of the trains start from Simla station like Himalyan Queen, Sml Klk Pass, Shivalk Dlx Exp, Rail Motor, Sml Klk Express etc while some train like Kalka Simla Exp, Klk Sml Pass, Shivalk Dlx Exp, Himalyan Queen, Rail Motor have their stop at 11:05, 09:20, 10:15, 17:20, 09:50 time respectively. There are different trains like Himalyan Queen, Klk Sml Pass, Kalka Simla Exp, Rail Motor, Shivalk Dlx Exp etc . that ends at Simlawhile there are trains like Sml Klk Express, Sml Klk Pass, Shivalk Dlx Exp, Himalyan Queen, Rail Motor departs at 18:15, 14:25, 17:40, 10:30, 16:25 time respectively.