Available Trains

02851   Src Kcvl Spl

Erode Jn (00:05)Kochuveli (10:30)
12623   Trivandrum Mail

Erode Jn (01:10)Trivandrum Cntl (11:25)
12257   Kochuveli Gr

Erode Jn (02:30)Kochuveli (12:35)
06011   Kochuveli Exp

Erode Jn (02:30)Kochuveli (12:35)
12626   Kerala Express

Erode Jn (03:25)Trivandrum Cntl (14:35)
16526   Kanyakumari Exp

Erode Jn (03:45)Trivandrum Cntl (15:30)
06069   Nagercoil Exp

Erode Jn (05:10)Trivandrum Cntl (15:10)
16325   Ahilyanagari Ex

Erode Jn (06:15)Trivandrum Cntl (17:30)
12511   Rapti Sagar Exp

Erode Jn (06:15)Trivandrum Cntl (17:30)
16327   Krba Tvc Expres

Erode Jn (06:15)Trivandrum Cntl (17:30)
17230   Sabari Exp

Erode Jn (06:45)Trivandrum Cntl (18:55)
16318   Himsagar Exp

Erode Jn (08:55)Trivandrum Cntl (19:25)
12660   Gurudev Express

Erode Jn (09:50)Trivandrum Cntl (20:15)
16324   Shm Tvc Express

Erode Jn (10:45)Trivandrum Cntl (22:30)
12516   Ghy Tvc Express

Erode Jn (11:20)Trivandrum Cntl (22:30)
12787   Bsp Ten Express

Erode Jn (15:40)Trivandrum Cntl (01:35)
22619   Bsp Ten Express

Erode Jn (15:40)Trivandrum Cntl (01:30)
16331   Trivandram Exp

Erode Jn (17:05)Trivandrum Cntl (03:10)
15906   Vivek Express

Erode Jn (20:40)Trivandrum Cntl (07:05)
16561   Kochuveli Acex

Erode Jn (20:55)Kochuveli (06:50)
12777   Kochuveli Exp

Erode Jn (20:55)Kochuveli (06:30)
12697   Trivandrum Exp

Erode Jn (20:55)Trivandrum Cntl (06:35)
12695   Trivandrum Exp

Erode Jn (21:30)Trivandrum Cntl (07:35)
16381   Kanyakumari Exp

Erode Jn (22:10)Trivandrum Cntl (09:30)
06315   Kochuveli Exp

Erode Jn (22:25)Kochuveli (09:25)
16321   Trivandrum Exp

Erode Jn (22:25)Trivandrum Cntl (10:30)
16315   Kochuveli Exp

Erode Jn (22:25)Kochuveli (09:00)
12644   Swarna Jayanti

Erode Jn (23:25)Trivandrum Cntl (11:05)

About Trivandrum City

Trivandrum also known as Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala state. Referred to as the ‘Evergreen city of India' by Mahatma Gandhi, Trivandrum presents a unique combination of natural beauty and modernity. Trivandrum is the political hub of ‘God's own country' Kerala and houses several important central and state government offices. Situated at the south western tip of India, the city is flanked by the cool blue Arabian Sea on the west. Sprawled across the undulating terrain of low coastal hills, the city is dotted with several picturesque picnic spots, educational institutions and companies. Bestowed with some serene beaches, tranquil backwater stretches, historic monuments and a rich cultural heritage, Trivandrum makes a must sought after destination for tourists and common travellers alike. 

More About - Erode To Trivandrum Trains

Book your train tickets from erode to trivandrum. Some of the trains running on this route are Ghy Tvc Express, Kanyakumari Exp, Vivek Express, Src Kcvl Spl, Ahilyanagari Ex, Kochuveli Exp, Sabari Exp, Trivandrum Exp, Kochuveli Acex, Nagercoil Exp. The train starts from various stations in erode like Erode Jn. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 12 hrs 10 mins to 9 hours 35 mins. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Kochuveli Exp, Trivandrum Mail, Sabari Exp, Kanyakumari Exp, Kerala Express, Trivandrum Exp or trains that run weekly like Krba Tvc Expres, Trivandrum Exp, Kochuveli Gr, Vivek Express, Himsagar Exp, Ahilyanagari Ex, Rapti Sagar Exp, Gurudev Express, Swarna Jayanti, Kochuveli Exp and etc. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Erode Jn( like Gurudev Express, Src Kcvl Spl, Vivek Express, Kochuveli Exp, Trivandrum Mail, Ghy Tvc Express, Krba Tvc Expres, Bsp Ten Express, Swarna Jayanti, Ahilyanagari Ex ).