Available Trains 

16687   Navyug Exp

Coimbatore Jn (00:45)Bhopal Jn (09:15)
16317   Himsagar Exp

Coimbatore Jn (01:25)Bhopal Jn (09:15)
12969   Cbe Jaipur Exp

Coimbatore Jn (09:20)Bairagarh (18:31)
12647   Kongu Express

Coimbatore Jn (15:05)Bhopal Jn (03:25)
12512   Raptisagar Exp

Coimbatore Jn (15:25)Bhopal Jn (00:05)
12522   Raptisagar Exp

Coimbatore Jn (15:25)Bhopal Jn (00:05)
16326   Ahilyanagari Ex

Coimbatore Jn (15:25)Bhopal Jn (00:05)
12625   Kerala Express

Coimbatore Jn (20:05)Bhopal Jn (02:55)
12645   Nizamuddin Exp

Coimbatore Jn (23:45)Bhopal Jn (06:25)
12643   Nizamuddin Exp

Coimbatore Jn (23:45)Bhopal Jn (06:25)

More About - Coimbatore To Bhopal Trains 

Want to travel from coimbatore to bhopal on rails? Know about trains in the route. Some of the trains that run on this route are Kerala Express, Himsagar Exp, Raptisagar Exp, Kongu Express, Ahilyanagari Ex, Navyug Exp, Nizamuddin Exp, Cbe Jaipur Exp and etc. There are different starting junctions like Coimbatore Jn. Different trains running from coimbatore to bhopal takes time approximately from 36 hrs 20 mins to 30 hours 40 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability like trains that run on daily basis like Kerala Express or train that run sporadically like Nizamuddin Exp, Himsagar Exp, Cbe Jaipur Exp, Raptisagar Exp, Kongu Express, Navyug Exp, Ahilyanagari Ex etc. There are different pick up points in coimbatore from Coimbatore Jn( like Raptisagar Exp, Kongu Express, Himsagar Exp, Nizamuddin Exp, Navyug Exp, Ahilyanagari Ex, Kerala Express, Cbe Jaipur Exp ).