Khambhaliya (KMBL), Khambhaliya Railway Station

Name: Khambhaliya Code: KMBL City: Khambhaliya
Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Khambhaliya (KMBL), Khambhaliya :
Code Train Name Arrives Departs Stop time M T W T F S S
59548 Okha Ahmedabad Passenger 00:48 00:50 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15045 Gorakhpur okha Express 01:43 01:45 2 min N N N N N Y N
15636 Guwahati Dwarka Express 01:44 01:45 1 min N N N Y N N N
59547 Ahmedabad okha Passenger 02:26 02:28 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16337 Okha Ernakulam Express 03:58 04:00 2 min Y N N N N Y N
22905 Okha Howrah Express 07:25 07:27 2 min N N Y Y N N Y
16734 Okha Rameswaram Express 08:16 08:18 2 min N Y N N N N N
19570 Varanasi Okha Express 09:04 09:06 2 min Y N N N N N N
19565 Okha Uttaranchal Express 09:31 09:33 2 min N N N N Y N N
18402 Okha Puri Express 09:31 09:33 2 min N N Y N N N N
59207 Bhavnagar Trmus Okha Passenger 10:24 10:26 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16733 Rameswaram Okha Express 10:51 10:52 1 min Y N N N N N N
18401 Puri Okha Express 11:35 11:36 1 min N Y N N N N N
19005 Mumbai Central Saurashtra Mail 13:06 13:08 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15635 Okha Guwahati Express 13:16 13:18 2 min N N N N Y N N
09562 Okha Bdts Spl 13:18 13:20 2 min N Y N N N N N
19566 Dehradun Uttaranchal Express 13:29 13:31 2 min Y N N N N N N
19006 Okha Saurashtra Mail 14:16 14:18 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16338 Ernakulam okha Express 15:13 15:15 2 min N N N N Y N Y
19569 Okha Varanasi Express 15:45 15:47 2 min N N N Y N N N
59208 Okha Bhavnagar Passenger 17:23 17:25 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12906 Hwh Pbr Okhaex 17:45 17:46 1 min Y N N Y N N Y
09561 Bdts Okha Spl 19:05 19:07 2 min N N N Y N N N
15046 Okha Gorakhpur express 21:06 21:08 2 min N N N N N N Y
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More About - Khambhaliya Railway Station

Know about different trains that are either starting or have stoppage at Khambhaliya station are Okha Howrah Express, Mumbai Central Saurashtra Mail, Okha Bdts Spl, Ahmedabad okha Passenger, Gorakhpur okha Express, Okha Varanasi Express, Okha Guwahati Express, Guwahati Dwarka Express, Okha Ernakulam Express, Okha Saurashtra Mail. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Okha Bhavnagar Passenger, Bhavnagar Trmus Okha Passenger, Okha Saurashtra Mail, Ahmedabad okha Passenger, Okha Ahmedabad Passenger, Mumbai Central Saurashtra Mail etc or train that run weekly like Okha Bdts Spl, Okha Varanasi Express, Hwh Pbr Okhaex, Gorakhpur okha Express, Ernakulam okha Express, Okha Gorakhpur express, Okha Guwahati Express, Varanasi Okha Express, Okha Howrah Express, Okha Rameswaram Express and etc.