Station Details

Name: Udgir
Code: UDGR
City: Udgir

Available Trains

57550   Hyderabad Pass

Arr. 00:04
Dep. 00:05
57549   Aurangabad Psgr

Arr. 02:38
Dep. 02:40
17207   Snsi Bza Exp

Arr. 03:49
Dep. 03:51
17001   Snsi Sc Exp

Arr. 03:49
Dep. 03:51
17205   Snsi Cct Exp

Arr. 03:49
Dep. 03:51
17014   Hyb Pune Exp

Arr. 03:59
Dep. 04:00
16593   Ned Sbc Exp

Arr. 10:44
Dep. 10:45
16594   Sbc Nanded Exp

Arr. 16:39
Dep. 16:40
17002   Sc Snsi Exp

Arr. 21:38
Dep. 21:39
17208   Bza Snsi Exp

Arr. 21:38
Dep. 21:39
17206   Cct Snsi Exp

Arr. 21:38
Dep. 21:39
17013   Pune Hyb Expres

Arr. 22:33
Dep. 22:35

More About - Udgir Railway Station

Different trains running from Udgir are Snsi Sc Exp, Snsi Bza Exp, Sc Snsi Exp, Snsi Cct Exp, Sbc Nanded Exp, Cct Snsi Exp, Ned Sbc Exp, Aurangabad Psgr, Hyderabad Pass, Bza Snsi Exp. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Aurangabad Psgr, Ned Sbc Exp, Sbc Nanded Exp, Hyderabad Pass etc or train that run weekly like Bza Snsi Exp, Cct Snsi Exp, Snsi Cct Exp, Sc Snsi Exp, Snsi Sc Exp, Hyb Pune Exp, Pune Hyb Expres, Snsi Bza Exp and etc.