Hatia (HTE), Hatia Railway Station

Name: Hatia Code: HTE City: Hatia
More Hatia stations : Hatia
Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Hatia (HTE), Hatia :
Code Train Name Arrives Departs Stop time M T W T F S S
12811 Hatia Express 03:45 Ends - Y Y N N N N N
18312 Bsb Sbp Express 04:40 04:45 5 min N Y N N Y N N
18621 Patliputra Exp 05:05 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
18626 Hte Pnbe Exp Starts 06:10 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12832 Dhn Garib Rath 06:45 06:50 5 min Y N Y N N Y N
18615 Hwh Hatia Exp 07:35 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15028 Maurya Express 08:10 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13352 Dhanbad Express 08:20 08:25 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
18623 Rjpb Hatia Exp 08:45 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12812 Hte Ltt Super Starts 09:40 - N N N N Y Y N
18110 Jat Muri Rou Ex 10:05 10:15 10 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
18452 Tapaswini Expre 11:40 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12873 Jharkhand S J E Starts 13:40 - Y Y N Y N N N
12817 Jharkhand Sj Ex Starts 14:40 - N N Y N Y N Y
18109 Rou Muri Jat Ex 14:55 15:05 10 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13351 Dhn Alappuzha E 15:20 15:25 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
18451 Tapaswini Expre Starts 15:55 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12818 Jharkhand Expre 16:40 Ends - N Y N N Y N Y
15027 Maurya Exp Starts 17:05 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22845 Pune Hatia Sup 17:10 Ends - Y N N Y N N N
12835 Hte Ypr Express Starts 18:25 - N Y N N N N Y
12836 Ypr Hatia Exp 19:05 Ends - N N N Y N Y N
18624 Hte Rjpb Exp Starts 19:05 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
18311 Sbp Bsb Express 19:30 19:35 5 min N N Y N N N Y
12874 Jharkhand Exp 19:55 Ends - N N Y Y N Y N
22846 Hte Pune Exp Starts 20:00 - Y N N N Y N N
12831 Bbs Garib Rath 20:30 20:35 5 min Y N Y N N Y N
18625 Pnbe Hte Expres 21:00 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
18616 Hte Rnc Hwh Exp Starts 21:10 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
18622 Patliputra Exp Starts 22:05 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

More About - Hatia Railway Station

Different trains running from Hatia are Jharkhand Expre, Patliputra Exp, Hte Pnbe Exp, Hte Ltt Super, Jharkhand Exp, Bbs Garib Rath, Hatia Express, Hte Rnc Hwh Exp, Ypr Hatia Exp, Rou Muri Jat Ex. There are different trains like Hte Pnbe Exp, Hte Rjpb Exp, Tapaswini Expre, Hte Ltt Super, Jharkhand Sj Ex, Patliputra Exp, Hte Ypr Express, Hte Rnc Hwh Exp, Hte Pune Exp, Jharkhand S J E etc .that starts from Hatia while there are trains like Patliputra Exp, Ypr Hatia Exp, Jharkhand Expre, Dhn Alappuzha E, Jat Muri Rou Ex, Maurya Express, Rjpb Hatia Exp, Bbs Garib Rath, Jharkhand Exp, Pnbe Hte Expres arrives at 05:05, 19:05, 16:40, 15:20, 10:05, 08:10, 08:45, 20:30, 19:55, 21:00 time respectively. Some of the trains that ends at Hatia station are Ypr Hatia Exp, Jharkhand Exp, Hwh Hatia Exp, Patliputra Exp, Jharkhand Expre, Tapaswini Expre, Pune Hatia Sup, Rjpb Hatia Exp, Pnbe Hte Expres, Maurya Express etc while some train like Maurya Exp, Jharkhand S J E, Hte Pnbe Exp, Bbs Garib Rath, Dhanbad Express, Rou Muri Jat Ex, Bsb Sbp Express, Tapaswini Expre, Sbp Bsb Express, Hte Rnc Hwh Exp have their departure at 17:05, 13:40, 06:10, 20:35, 08:25, 15:05, 04:45, 15:55, 19:35, 21:10 time respectively. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Pnbe Hte Expres, Hwh Hatia Exp, Jat Muri Rou Ex, Dhn Alappuzha E, Hte Pnbe Exp, Maurya Express, Hte Rjpb Exp, Dhanbad Express, Rjpb Hatia Exp, Patliputra Exp etc or some weekly trains like Sbp Bsb Express, Hte Ypr Express, Bsb Sbp Express, Jharkhand S J E, Dhn Garib Rath, Pune Hatia Sup, Bbs Garib Rath, Jharkhand Expre, Jharkhand Sj Ex, Hatia Express and etc.