Beohari (BEHR), Beohari Railway Station

Name: Beohari Code: BEHR City: Beohari
More Beohari stations : Beohari
Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Beohari (BEHR), Beohari :
Code Train Name Arrives Departs Stop time M T W T F S S
11447 Shaktipunj Exp 03:55 04:00 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13025 Howrah bhopal Express 07:45 07:50 5 min N Y N N N N N
11448 Shaktipunj Exp 11:15 11:20 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13026 Bhopal howrah express 17:02 17:10 8 min N N Y N N N N

More About - Beohari Railway Station

Different trains running from Beohari are Bpl Howrah Exp, Hwh Bpl Express, Shaktipunj Exp, Shaktipunj Exp. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Shaktipunj Exp etc or some weekly trains like Bpl Howrah Exp, Hwh Bpl Express and etc.