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The minimum time taken is 1h 5m to fly from pune to hyderabad
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Pune Hyderabad Flights Information

Pune has a historical significance. According to historians, the town of Pune was established in the year 847 AD. It was also the capital of the Maratha Empire under the rule of Shivaji. It has a lot of monuments and structures of historical importance. It is known for its tourist attractions. The Halwai Ganesha temple, Parvati hill, Raja Dinkar Kelkar museum are the major tourist attraction. It has a number of traditional industries. The IT industry, automobile and manufacturing industry is slowly emerging in Pune.

Hyderabad is called the city of palaces. It is the city of Nizams , biriyani and IT companies. The city goes back to the Iron age, around 500BC. Hyderabad is an old and ancient city. The name ‘Hyderabad’, means ‘Lion City’ or abode of the lion. According to local legends, the city was named by Muhammed Quli Qutab Shah to honour his mistress’ Hyder mahal’. The city is a famous tourist attraction. The city is growing into an IT hub.

A number of flights connect these two IT and educational hubs. The first daily flight, courtesy of Air India, leaves Pune at 6.05 AM and reaches Hyderabad at around 8.30 AM. The last daily flight, courtesy of Indigo, leaves at 7.30 PM and reaches at around 10.05 PM. There are more than 100 Pune Hyderabad Flights daily. The ticket prices start from 6000 up to 33000 for economy while for business class they range from 35000 to 68000. Jet Konnect, Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo, SpiceJet and JetLite flights are available on this route.

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