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Jaisalmer (JSM), Jaisalmer Railway Station

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Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Jaisalmer (JSM), Jaisalmer Railway Station:

() Stop time    
1 Dli Jsm Express (14059)
11:45 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
2 Jsm Dli Express (14060)
Starts 16:30 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
3 Jsm Bkn Express (14701)
Starts 22:45 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
4 Bkn Jsm Express (14702)
05:30 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
5 Jsm Lgh Exp (14703)
Starts 10:40 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
6 Lgh Jsm Exp (14704)
13:20 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
7 Jsm Ju Express (14809)
Starts 23:15 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
8 Ju Jsm Express (14810)
05:00 Ends - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y


Jaisalmer Railway Station

Amenities: Computer Reservation Office, Retiring Room,Waitnig Room, Book Stall.

About Jaisalmer City

Fondly called the �Golden City�, Jaisalmer is an important city of Rajasthan state. The city is renowned for massive Jaisalmer Fort, exquisite havelis, wonderful museums and many other attractions. Jaisalmer is served by limited flights from New Delhi. Jodhpur (240 km) is the nearest major airport from the city. If you like air travel, book tickets in cheap flights. For a better deal, before flight booking check airfares across various LCCs. Besides air travel, you can reach Jaisalmer by trains. Indian Railways run trains to Jaisalmer from Delhi and other important cities. Make rail reservations through online reservation system. Bus services are available to Jaisalmer from nearby destinations that include Inter State buses like Sleeper, Volvo, AC bus and Luxury bus. For bus bookings to Jaisalmer book bus tickets in advance. While on cheap Jaisalmer holiday packages book a budget hotel. For a comfortable accommodation, you can also book rooms in luxury or star rated hotels.

After a city sightseeing tour, during Jaisalmer vacations visit nearby places. Sam Sand Dunes (42), Khuri Sand Dunes (40 km) and Desert National Park (40 km) are some of the popular destinations close to Jaisalmer. In addition to these, while on Jaisalmer tour you can cover many other tourist spots through bus services or trains. Bus tickets are available online for AC bus and luxury bus. Bus bookings can be also made for inter state buses like Volvo or sleeper. Most of these places can also be reached by trains of Indian Railways. Remember to make reservations in advance, after checking train availability and railway ticket.